The Best Non-Sticky Bonuses in US 2023

Non-sticky offers are an uncommon feature in US online casinos, but you can still find a few places where they have them. You might be confused about what this bonus is and why you should even care – understandably so. Here is a list of the best real non-sticky bonuses in the US to kick things off:

Casino NameOfferWagering Requirement
SugarHouseUp to $250 Non-Sticky Bonus (100% Deposit Match1x
BetRivers Up to $250 Non-Sticky Bonus (100% Deposit Match)1x

More details on the best Non-Sticky Bonus of 2023

Non-sticky casino bonuses come in all shapes and sizes, which is why they might seem hard to understand. Before you claim, make sure you go through the specific bonus terms and conditions thoroughly. 

What is a Non-Sticky Bonus

A non-sticky bonus is an offer that, first of all, separates your real money and bonus/restricted balance. Now, when you use this bonus, you first play casino games using your real money balance, and then the bonus. If you win, you can instantly cash out your winnings – no wagering required, though it means you forfeit the bonus amount. 

How does the Non-Sticky Bonus work?

So, let’s put this in context so it’s easy to understand. Let’s say you see a great non-sticky bonus and want to claim it. The first step is to open an account – if you don’t know where to start, we have included US casino sites with non-sticky bonuses in the table above. 

Once your account is up and running, make an initial deposit within the promotion period to claim the bonus. The casino will match your deposit and place it in your real money balance, and the bonus is set as restricted funds. 

The key is that the casino lets you use your real money balance first before playing your bonus. If you win – and we hope you do – you can cash out instantly without the need for completing wagering requirements. 

How to not confuse a Non-Sticky Bonus and a Sticky Bonus? 

If you entertain any ambitions of winning in a casino using non-sticky bonuses, you need to know what they are and how to differentiate them from a sticky bonus. 

Non-Sticky Bonus Sticky Bonus
The bonus and deposit are kept separate The bonus and deposit are stuck together 
You can play the deposit amount first and cash out without completing wagering requirements Cash-out is only after completing wagering requirements 
Play deposit money firstMay not play deposit money first 

How many types of Non-Sticky Bonuses exist? 

The deposit match is the most common type of non-sticky bonus in US online casinos. This is handed out when you complete an initial deposit in the casino. The best platforms here offer 100% matches – where the casino will match your deposit dollar-for-dollar

You can learn more about bonuses in US casinos on our dedicated bonus page. Below we have highlighted the most common types of non-sticky bonuses. Availability is on a case-by-case basis.

Regarding the % which offersRegarding the internal bonus conditions
100% bonus deposit Traditional Non-Sticky bonus 
200% bonus depositHalf Sticky Bonus
X% Bonus deposit (any % of the bonus amount)Non-Sticky Bonus Cash

100% bonus deposit 

While the other offers may be more popular in other countries. the 100% bonus match is a local favorite. It gives you what you put out, dollar-for-dollar, in bonus money. If you want to see what this bonus looks like in real life, you can check out the SugarHouse casino welcome offer.

Best Strategy to use a Casino Non-Sticky Bonus 

Everything you do in the online casino should ultimately serve to win you real money. So, it is a good thing that you are thinking about the best strategy to use on your non-sticky bonus.

The first thing we would advise is to play with your real money balance until you are just about to spend it all. Check your winnings and see if there are sufficient for you to cash out. If they are, take your real money winnings and run. If not, use the bonus balance but look forward to completing wagering requirements.

Is it worth redeeming Non-Sticky Bonuses?

Why wouldn’t it be worth claiming an offer that pulls some of the casinos’ edge to your favor? A non-sticky bonus ensures you do not have to worry about completing unrealistic wagering requirements. Why would you want to put up 30 times your deposit amount just to claim your winnings?

When is the best moment to withdraw my winnings and lose my non-sticky deposit?

While this is pretty subjective, we suggest a 6x multiplier on your deposit amount before you give away your non-sticky bonus. For example, if you deposited $100 on your first deposit transaction, and made $600 in winnings, that is a more than fair return for your efforts.

6 tips to improve your experience with a Non-Sticky Bonus

The journey to an enjoyable online gaming experience does not end when you receive a non-stick bonus. On the contrary, that’s where it begins. Here are six recommendations on how to get the most out of this offer.

Read Terms and Conditions – even the small letters! 

This is rule number one because it’s that important. Make sure you take note of the following.

Check wagering requirements 

Don’t forget which is the balance amount before you start spending the bonus

Look out for location restrictions 

Choose games with high % of game contribution

Choose games with high RTP 

Solutions for common issues 

At we are your friendly casino bonus experts. As such, we have researched the most common issues regarding non-sticky bonuses and present some quick fixes here.

  1. The bonus didn’t arrive
  1. I can’t withdraw the winnings
  1. The bonus disappeared
  1. The casino didn’t pay out my winnings


We have all been there – you land a casino bonus and want to instantly get stuck in. But, if you’re going to enjoy the full benefits of any online offer you need to understand how the bonus works and what you stand to gain. Non-sticky bonuses are among the best online casino offers you can land on US sites. Feel free to check out the bonuses listed here and see if you can find the right fit.

Frequently Asked Questions

A non-sticky bonus is a casino offer that separates your deposited real money balance from your restricted bonus funds.
With non-sticky bonuses, you first play casino games using your real money balance. If you win before using your bonus funds, you can claim your winnings without completing wagering requirements. On the other hand, sticky bonuses will not allow you to do this.
Finding the best non-sticky bonus is virtually impossible, like any other casino offers. Why? Bonuses are the same as players - widely varied, and the choice of the best is highly subjective. You can look at our bonus page, find what each offer presents, and decide if it's best for you.
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