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Why Play Online Slots and Are They Safe?

Real money online slots continue to be the most popular game in US casinos, both online and land-based.

Online slots are virtual versions of the classic slot games you know and love. Players spin the reels with the hopes of hitting the big jackpot!

But, the best thing about playing slots online is that you can play them from anywhere and you gain immediate access to a huge catalog of games. 

Are Online Slots legal to play in the US?

Online slots for real money are safe to play at any legal online casino in the US. These online casinos are licensed and regulated by state agencies to make sure that all games are using random number generator (RNG) software, and that all game outcomes are fair and random for all players. 

Online casinos are legal in the following states:

Online slots should be played for entertainment purposes, and not as a get-rich-quick scheme. We encourage all players to play responsibly.

For more information on responsible gambling, visit our page here

But couldn’t an operator manipulate an RNG?

No. In addition to being heavily monitored, licensed, and regulated by state and federal government agencies, many operators also use third-party agencies to certify their games’ fairness and monitor their software over time. 

These third-party agencies include:

With so many certifications and regulators, players can feel confident that playing at legal online casinos in the US is safe and secure. 

*Did you know? Offshore and illegal casinos are not held to the same standards as legal online casinos. As such, you cannot be sure that your personal information is secure or that their games are fair for players at these offshore/illegal casinos. 

Slot Games That Fit Your Style

There is a slot game for every type of player out there, so you’ll be sure to find one that fits your playing style. You can try a number of slots in demo mode at many of the top online casinos out there, or grab a bonus and start earning your way towards some big wins today. 

What to pay attention to when choosing a Slot game?


Every slot has some type of theme, and this is meant to draw in players with varying interests. You’ll find slots that have themes based on colors, tv shows, music, movies, fairy tales, and so much more. Slot providers are always coming out with new and innovative slots with different themes each month. 


While many of us play for fun and entertainment, it’s impossible to not also enjoy winning a little extra cash as you play. Some of the most popular online slots have jackpots worth in the hundreds of thousands. And yes, people have won them while playing at online casinos in the US. 


Every time you gamble there is always some element of risk. There is never a guarantee that you are going to win when you play. Some people call this risk “the thrill.” You can assess “the thrill” of the game by looking at its volatility and RTP

Look out for volatility

Volatility is the riskiness of a game. It has to do with how big the wins are, and how long you have to wait, on average, to win. If a game has high volatility, that means you may expect long dry periods of no hits before you win. But if you do win, payouts are bigger in high volatility games. 

Pay attention to RTP

RTP stands for Return to Player. This is the amount of money you can expect to win back over time in any given game. For example, if a game’s RTP is 97%, you can expect to receive 97% of your bets returned as wins. 

This means if you bet $100, the average would be to win $97 back. Of course, you may win a lot more than $100, and you may lose more than that.

What’s your budget?

If your goal is to play to have fun, you won’t need a substantial budget. However, if your goal is to play to win big, the more you bet the more you win. This goes for both the amounts of wagers made and the amount of time spent playing. 

In order to maximize your wins, you will want to “Bet Max” which will place the maximum amount of wagers allowed on all paylines. This will increase your chances of matches on each payline. 

Additionally, you will usually need to play for an extended amount of time in order to trigger a game’s bonus game. Bonus games are generally the best way to increase your winnings on online slots. 

Did You Know

Real-life slot machines pay out more regularly than virtual ones! Yes, but only for a few select devices. Many gaming machines have a predetermined percentage. Set a target of 80%. The odds of winning are the same no matter how many times you spin the reels. Because they aren’t identical, casino machines may pay out more yet have fewer wins than online slots.

What Types of Slots are out there?

So now that you know a bit more about how slots work, it’s important to understand the difference between specific types of online slots you will find. 

What online slots pay real money? Below is a list of slot types, what they offer, and why you might like them.

Number of reels

3-Reel Slots 

3-reel slots are also described as classics because they’re digital representations of physical slot machine games that have been popular for decades.

Symbols are spread across three reels and, in general, these slots have between one and five paylines. Their no-fuss dynamics make them popular with those that love action. Red, White, & Blue is an example of a popular 3-reel slot. 

5-Reel Slots

5-reel online slots are the bigger brother of 3-reel spinners. The addition of two extra reels brings more symbols and paylines to the party.

This creates more opportunities in terms of ways to win, payout potential, and bonuses. One of the most popular 5-reel slots you’ll find is Gonzo’s Quest

6-Reel and 7-Reel Slots

Just when you think the game creators can’t possibly keep adding to the excitement, they do. You can find slots today with even six or seven reels. Usually with the more reels, the more chances you have to win. 

Game Type

Fruit Slots

Fruit slots are, as you’d expect, filled with fruit. These games typically fall into the classic category as well as the 3-reel category.

There are fruit slots with five reels. However, these nostalgic hits usually have three reels packed with cherries, lemons, oranges, and other juicy treats.

Fruit Shop is a popular fruit slot you can find at multiple online casinos. You can read our review on the Christmas edition here

Progressive Jackpot Slots

The big dogs of the slots world are progressive jackpot games. The appeal of jackpot slots is obvious. Alongside fixed prizes, these games have progressive prize pools that continue to grow until someone wins.

A small amount from everyone’s bets is added to the pot, which means you could win $1 million+ from a spin costing less than $1!

You can find many exclusive progressive slots at all the top online casinos in the US. 

Megaways Slots

One of the latest innovations in casino gaming is Megaways. This technology was developed by Big Time Gaming and now it’s being applied to many of the industry’s biggest hits.

The defining feature of Megaways is that it adds a random payline system to a slot.

Each time you spin, the number of ways to win changes. Depending on how things line up, you could have 117,649 ways to hit winning combos! Monopoly Megaways is a popular version of this type of slot. 

Multi-Payline Slots

Real money slots online have just one payline for you to match the symbols on. Today, players are treated to slot games with multiple paylines, and some will even let you match left-to-right and right-to-left.

These extra ways of matching decrease the risk and increase the thrill of playing. 

Bonus-buy Slots

Bonus-buy real slots online allow players to buy a bonus game directly in the game. While the initial buy can be expensive, players might find that they saved money in the long run not having to spin the reels to earn the bonus game. You can learn more about bonus-buy slots here

*Did you know? Golden Nugget has one of the largest collections of Megaways designed by SG Digital. New players who register at Golden Nugget can receive 200 Free Spins on 88 Fortunes Megaways as part of their welcome bonus.

How to increase your chances of winning?

Many casino games take a certain amount of skill to play. But when playing slots, it’s more a game of luck. This is especially true with online slots as they use RNG software that assures players the outcome is always random. 

But there are some things you can do to help increase your chances of winning while playing. 

Here are our suggestions. 

Read our reviews

Our team regularly reviews online slots to let you know the ins and outs of the games before you play them. We rate online slots based on their graphics, RTP, volatility, bonus features, and numerous other factors.

Watch Streamers play

Another easy thing players can do is watch online streamers play new slot games to show the game’s features. This will allow you to watch someone else play the game in real time without having to spend any of your own money.

Streamers will walk you through the paylines, min/max wagers, symbols, and let you watch the bonus game/free spins play out.

This can be an excellent way to see if an online slot offers features you enjoy or not.

Popular streamers for online slots include:

Is There Such a Thing as a Slot Strategy?

While it might seem that it is very little, or almost no, strategy to playing slots, that’s not truly the case. It’s true that slots is predominantly a game of luck, but there are some strategic moves players can make to increase their odds. 

1. Optimize your bet value to your total budget

Place smaller bets on each payline to increase your chances of making matches on a payline. This will stretch your budget a bit more than if you place “Max Bets” on each payline.

2. Play various slots

The laws of probability are against you to get continuous wins on the same game. Try playing various slots to increase your chances of winning. You might also find a new game that you like that you hadn’t played before. 

3. Stop while you’re ahead

A small win is still a win. Don’t continue to press your luck when you’ve already won. Know when to stop, and always play responsibly. 

How Do Slot Games Work?

Slots online real money may look simple, but let’s break down exactly how they operate in detail. 

  1. Place your wager and hit spin.
  2. Watch as the reels spin and come to a stop.
  3. Each reel has the game’s symbols on it. As the reels stop, the symbols will line up along the paylines of the game. 
  4. If the symbols match-up three or more in a row on the paylines, you’ll win a payout.
  5. Slots also have wild symbols that can help increase your chances to win. 
  6. If the reels land on enough scatter symbols, a bonus round will be triggered. Bonus rounds vary dependent upon the game you play. 

Practice for free!

You can play most games at most online casinos for free in what is known as “Demo Mode.” During Demo Mode, you are not wagering nor playing for any actual money. However, this will allow you to get a good feel for the game, the features of the game, and how it plays out. 

Many online casinos will still require players to register a user account in order to play in Demo Mode. But, Golden Nugget is one exception to this rule where players do not have to have a registered account to play their games in Demo Mode. 

The big exception to playing games in Demo Mode is live casino games. Since these games are played in real-time, you cannot play these games in a Demo Mode. You can learn more about live casino games here

*Did you know? With the death of Flash Player in 2021, all games can now be played via your mobile devices. You can learn more about mobile casinos and the games offered here. 

Casino Slots Bonus: Online Slots Machines

Here you’ll find a comprehensive list of all the bonus slots that regularly offer new features, like as free spins and bonus rounds, that may be purchased. Check here for additional details on these offers.

casino slots bonus: online casino free spins

Free spins are some of the best bonuses in the industry since they allow you to play new and exciting slots without having to deposit any money into your account. What was the end effect of this? It’s possible to win real money while having a good time by playing the newest free slots.

casino slots bonus: online casino no deposit bonus

One of the most common web searches is for “no deposit casino.”
It’s easy to see why it’s so generally accepted in the online gaming industry when you put it that way.

If you win real money playing a game for free, how many people would choose to keep that money rather than play for free and lose it?

No deposit casinos that let you keep your winnings from free no deposit bonuses are included below, as are no deposit casinos you should avoid.

casino slots bonus: online casino easy withdrawal

No one wants to start playing at their new favorite online casino, deposit large sums of money, and participate in promotions and competitions just to learn that the withdrawal process is long and time-consuming..

We only recommend casinos that have been thoroughly researched to ensure that their withdrawal and deposit processes are quick, efficient, and secure. Fast deposits and withdrawals at numerous online casinos have made same-day payouts possible in fact.

casino slots bonus: online casino easy verification

To find an online casino that doesn’t demand registration, personal information, or any other type of verification, this is exactly what you’re looking for. Personal information, including scanned copies of identification documents, is already routine for the vast majority of customers in the global online gambling industry.

The slot providers you should pay attention to

Slot providers are the software companies that create the games we play. It is their responsibility to make sure that their games are using RNG software and adhere to all laws and regulations where their games are played. 

Popular slot providers include:

1. NetEnt

NetEnt has one of the largest slot libraries in the world. They are a Scandinavian company that has been in the industry since 1996, so they have plenty of experience in creating games that please a large swath of players.

NetEnt has recently been purchased by Evolution Gaming, but all of its titles are still under the NetEnt name. 

2. Big Time Gaming

Big Time Gaming, or BGT, is known for the Megaways slots. These slots give players more ways to win than any other type of online slot.

BTG is new in the US markets, and as such their games are currently only available at Golden Nugget. New players to Golden Nugget can receive 200 free spins to play on these Megaways slots as part of their welcome bonus.

3. IGT

IGT is also known as International Gaming Technology. They are one of the top online slot providers in the world. They offer lots of various types of slots with familiar themes including their Cleopatra series, Ghostbusters, Baywatch, and Wheel of Fortune.

You can find and play IGT games at numerous of the top online casinos in the US.  

*Did you know? The first online slot provider was Microgaming, which developed the first online gambling software in 1994. Microgaming is still one of the top game providers in the world. 

Glossary – Learn the lingo

PaylineAn imaginary line on which symbols need to appear for a winning combination to be formed.
ReelsThe ‘columns’ of online slots, and can be understood as vertical barrels with symbols that you spin to land the winning combinations.
JackpotThe biggest payout that is possible on a certain slot game. You cannot win more than a jackpot.
Free SpinsA set of spins that are played out as a bonus.
Wild Symbols A symbol that replaces all other symbols in the game.
ScatterA symbol that activates a slot’s bonus game if you land a certain number of them. 
AutoPlayAutoPlay allows a player to set a specified number of spins to spin on their own rather than manually.
MultiplierMultipliers are generally attached to a symbol that, when matched, multiplies the player’s winnings by that number. 
Max BetMaximum (or Max) Bet is the largest amount a player can wager on a payline. The concept is “the larger the bet, the bigger the payout.” 
Min BetThe smallest amount a player can wager on a payline.


Online slots will continue to be the most popular online casino games in the US, and as such we can expect to continue to see new and exciting titles coming to top casinos. 

As the iGaming industry continues to expand and grow, new features and graphics can also be expected to be introduced to players. Some exciting new features being talked about coming to online slots include adding Artificial Intelligence (AI) and using 3D graphics. 

Online slots are constantly changing and updating with developers adding new features and casinos giving new promotional offers to entice more people to play. This provides something for everyone when it comes to online slots. 

Still not sure what the right online slot game or casino is for you? Read our online casino reviews to find the latest offers and newest games.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can legally play online slots in any state that has approved online casino games. Right now, that's: Delaware New Jersey Pennsylvania West Virginia Michigan (legal, but not yet available)
Online slots - if you play in a legal casino - are guaranteed by law not to be rigged. The state gaming authority inspects games. They would also heavily fine a casino for rigging a game. The casino would pay much more in fines than they'd gain from a rigged game. So rigging doesn't make any financial sense.
Starburst is the most popular slot in the U.S. and Europe! Starburst was developed by NetEnt.