Slots that Let You Buy the Bonus Round

Bonus buy slots allow players to essentially purchase bonus rounds in the game. This is a relatively newer feature being added to online slot games driven by high player demand.

But, what slot games have this feature? And, where can you find them? 

What are Bonus Buy Slots? 

As an additional benefit, all of the slots have bonus buy slots that you may use to purchase games with a premium in return for a bonus feature. Most of the time, this is the round when you get free spins.

NextGen and Big Time Gaming are currently the biggest providers of bonus buy slots for online casinos in the United States. 


NextGen is one of the largest online slots providers in the world. You can find their games at most online casinos across the United States. 

Their most popular bonus buy slots at US online casinos include:

Big Time Gaming

Big Time Gaming, or BTG, was the first provider in the industry to offer online slots with a bonus buy feature. BTG is known for their Megaways slots, so it’s no surprise to see them applying the bonus buy feature to these slots. 

Their most popular bonus buy slots at US online casinos include:

How does the bonus buy feature work? 

To enter the bonus round in normal circumstances, you must land three or more scatter symbols on the reels.

You pay a premium to ensure that you reach the bonus game on the next spin if you choose the bonus buy option.

The bonus purchase feature can be extremely useful! After all, the bonus round is normally the part of the game with the most lucrative prizes.

Latest Bonus Buy Slots We Recommend

We have found some of the top slots with the bonus buy feature at online casinos in the US. Please note that while the following games all have the bonus buy feature, that does not mean that the feature has been turned on by the online casino offering the game. Therefore, it may not always be available to all players. 

300 Shields Extreme

300 shields

300 Shields Extreme is a spartan-themed slots game from NextGen. The bonus buy in this game triggers a bonus game to collect shields with the possibility of yielding up to 300x the buy-in. 

Bonus Buy Cost:60x wager
Where You Can Play It:BetMGM, Golden Nugget, Borgata

Medusa Megaways


Medusa Megaways is a Greek mythology-themed slot from NextGen. The bonus round in this game allows you to enter Medusa’s Lair where you will get 10 free spins and the chance to win numerous multipliers. 

Bonus Buy Cost:100x wager
Where You Can Play It:Golden Nugget, 888 Casino, Unibet

Pillars of Asgard

Pillars of Asgard slot review

Pillars of Asgard is a Norse mythology-themed slot also from NextGen. This game is unique with its bonus buy option as you can choose between the full buy pass or take a chance on a discounted buy pass where you have to “qualify” to actually receive your buy pass. The bonus game in Pillars of Asgard brings the game to a whole new level, literally, where each free spin allows players to raise each reel another level. 

Bonus Buy Cost:40x or 80x wager
Where You Can Play It:SugarHouse, Golden Nugget, Caesars Casino

Extra Chilli Megaways

extra chilli

Extra Chilli Megaways is a slot game from Big Time Gaming with some Latin flair. When you buy the bonus round in this game, you’ll immediately be awarded eight free spins with the chance to win up to 24 free spins and lots of multipliers. 

Bonus Buy Cost:50x wager
Provider:Big Time Gaming
Where You Can Play It:Golden Nugget, Unibet, 888 Casino

White Rabbit Megaways

white rabbit

White Rabbit Megaways is a slot with a theme of Alice in Wonderland from Big Time Gaming. This was the first online slot to offer the bonus buy feature.

The bonus round in this game brings the white rabbit out and the reels begin to expand with each “Eat Me” sweet treat you find with each spin.  

Bonus Buy Cost:100x wager
Provider:Big Time Gaming
Where You Can Play It:Golden Nugget, 888 Casino, Unibet

Are Bonus Buy Slots Worth It?

Yes, they can be; bonus buys are used in slot games for a reason…or perhaps many reasons. The most significant advantages of this choice are mentioned below.

There is no need to wait for the bonus.

Again, you’ll have to wait several minutes or more to get the feature. Before you can play the bonus, you usually need three scatter symbols to appear anywhere on the screen.

Perhaps you like the base game and are willing to wait. You may be itching to play the feature but not in the mood to spin the reels for several minutes.

You have three options at this point:

1. Continue to spin the reels manually.

Switch on autoplay and return when the bonus has been activated.
Get the incentive by purchasing it.

There’s nothing wrong with manually spinning the reels or using autoplay. However, when you’re only trying to enjoy the bonus round, these routes can seem unnecessary.

When purchasing the function, you can skip all of the steps in between. You choose the bonus purchase option, pay the fee, and wait for the requisite triggering scatters to appear on the next spin.

2. Pursue the Most Lucrative Prizes

Some slots have a progressive jackpot that pays out the most money. However, many modern games associate the function with the highest payout.

E.g., the base game can only allow you to win 1,000 times your stake. However, the bonus allows you to play for a maximum of 20,000x.

Here’s an example of how this scenario could work in your favor:

  1. A game has a top reward of 20,000 times your bet.
  2. You place a $1 wager per spin.
  3. To trigger the feature, you must wager 75 times your bet ($75).
  4. You win the top prize of $20,000 and take it home.

Most slots have maximum prizes ranging from 5,000 to 50,000 times your bet. To get such a payout, you must, once again, be playing the feature.

3. Take advantage of the bonus.

You probably don’t start playing an online slot just for the bonus feature. You’re more than likely drawn in by the style, visuals, animations, and music.

But eventually, you’ll be itching to get the bonus. Expanding wilds, multipliers, random wilds, and other modifiers are among the action-packed features.

Purchasing a function means that you can use it whenever you want. This opportunity isn’t cheap, with payouts ranging from 50x to 100x your stake.

When deciding whether or not to activate it, you must exercise caution. Bonus buy, on the other hand, adds a lot to the game.

 Complete list of games with a bonus buy-in option

We’ve compiled a list of online slots that provide the bonus buy feature outside of the United States.

How Much Does it Cost to Buy a Slot Bonus Round?

Like your winnings from a bonus round, the cost of a bonus buy is dependent on the game being played and the player’s initial wager. 

GameProviderCost to Buy Bonus Round ($)
Pillars of AsgardNextGen40x or 80x
300 Shields ExtremeNextGen60x
Medusa MegawaysNextGen100x
Extra Chilli MegawaysBig Time Gaming50x
White Rabbit MegawaysBig Time Gaming100x
Did you know? Big Time Gaming was the first software provider to introduce the bonus buy feature to slot games with their White Rabbit slot in 2017.

Buying a bonus round – Pros and Cons

Feature buy is a new betting choice that has only recently become available in online slots. It’s also known as a bonus buy because it helps you to access the bonus round right away.

This choice is appealing because it allows you to play the bonus at any time. Furthermore, it allows you to chase big prizes whenever you want.

Bonus buy, on the other hand, isn’t flawless and has certain drawbacks. As a result, I’ll go over feature buy in greater detail, as well as its benefits and drawbacks.

No money wasted on spins that award no winningsExpensive to buy pass
Immediate bonus game actionNot guaranteed big wins in the bonus round
Increases chance for big winsNot available for all games in every market

Tips on How to Use the Bonus Buy Round

Top 5 Bonus Buy Slots at US Online Casinos
Top 5 Bonus Buy Slots at US Online Casinos

It’s wise to conduct background research before purchasing the final bonus round.

1. Before you purchase

The thing is, buying a bonus seems to be the same for most games. There are a few things to remember.

Megaways slots frequently have the feature buy.

One of the advantages is that you normally get a higher RTP if you want to activate the bonus buy option. In comparison to normal gameplay, this ensures you have a better chance of winning.

2. Playing in a demo is helpful

This allows one to appreciate the payouts and free spins, and other mechanics of a slot game before paying for them.

You’ll be able to tell whether you should buy, hoping for a big prize or lose the bonus points, but you’ll need to make the decision based on the extent of your winnings.

3. Plan your budget

Make better use of your money if you have the flexibility to use a budget that matches your spending desires.

Because of this, it is best to put limits on your account for these games to make sure you are not exceeding your own funding limits. For more information on responsible gambling visit our page here.

What are Feature Buy Slots?

Instead of buying into the Bonus, some slot games allow you to pay for an extra feature or a better chance of triggering a feature.

This feature does not guarantee that you will be able to join a bonus, but it can help you do so (for example, by adding an extra scatter to the reels).

An Ante-bet option, also known as a Big Bet feature, is available in some games.

US players also have a better chance of triggering the bonus round if they play for a higher stake.

Other games encourage you to gamble the bonus round for the chance to win more free spins or to purchase an upgrade once the bonus round has been triggered.

These features are legal for US players as long as the bonus round is not guaranteed, and there are some slots that offer them.

What Features can you buy?

One of the advantages is that if you want to activate the bonus buy option, you will normally receive a higher RTP. When compared to standard gameplay, this ensures you have a better chance of winning.

Some games stand out more than others when it comes to the feature buy option.

Features on games enable you to wager the bonus round for the opportunity to win extra free spins or to purchase an upgrade once the bonus round has been triggered.

Only a few of our top-rated casinos provide the majority (if not all) of the feature-buy slots in their casino game lobby. To meet your bonus requirements, we recommend playing at one or more of the following casinos:

A few games we recommend which have all the features to buy.

Which is better: Bonus buy or Feature Buy?

A bonus buy option has one advantage: it ensures your participation in the bonus round.
The features buy option is worth a shot if you’re willing to pay a premium for instant action and access to what might turn out to be a lucrative bonus round.

You’re saving yourself hundreds, if not thousands, of spins of time and effort spent looking for bonus rounds. 

The feature purchase can be risky (in fact, some slots refer to it as a “gamble feature” for this reason). However, if you use it sparingly, it will save you money compared to using the full incentive purchase.

Are Bonus Buy Slots Legal in the US?

Yes, indeed. Playing real-money bonus buy slots in the United States is therefore legal unless your state forbids it. Since each state has its own set of gambling rules, the legality of online slots in the United States varies depending on where you live.

Customers from the United States earn the same welcome and reload promotions as players from other nations (although naturally US players only receive bonuses from casinos that allow US citizens to play slots for real money).

Great alternatives to Bonus Buy Slots?

You may want to look at some slots with great bonus features in addition to the feature buy slots we looked at above.

Online slots are available in a wide range of shapes and sizes, and they’re common all over the world. Of course, this is just a preference for the shape. If you want to try your hand at bonus buy slots, learn how to play the regular slot machine first.

Typical 5-Reel Slots

Basic 3-reel slots have undergone several improvements as the online gaming industry has evolved. Two extra reels were easily attached to their online versions.

As a result, there were more possible combinations, more opportunities to win, and therefore more gaming fun. You can quickly hit the payout target while playing 5-reel slots.

All you have to do is match a group of identical symbols from different reels on the same pay line.

Megaways Slots 

This sort of online slot is for those who enjoy doing micro calculations and putting their luck to the test. The central theory, in fact, is very straightforward.

Classic 5-reel slots typically have three rows on each reel. Simply multiply the number of reels with each other to determine the winning probability.

There are 243 pay lines in the ‘classic’ version. Megaways slots, on the other hand, have up to eight symbols on each reel. You can also come across 6-reel mega ways on occasion.

More than 200.000 pay lines are available as a result of this. Find more information about Megaway Slots here

 The providers behind the best Bonus buy Slots

NextGen Gaming is currently the only provider in the United States that offers bonus purchase slots.

Players from the United States may use the slot titles above to locate NextGen online casinos, as the game provider is licensed in both New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

At an online casino in your state, look for the following NextGen bonus buy slots!

NextGen’s other slot machines include:

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When making qualified purchases, look for "Bonus Buys" to earn better-than-sale bargains. They provided a diamond earring Bonus Buy with every $50 purchase last year, for example. You can add them to your basket at checkout for only $29.99, down from $200 - an 85% discount!
Bonus slots increase your chances of winning. Some of the slots have extras like multipliers that may double or triple your winnings, which is incredible. Simply said, a bonus offer offers more choices, better chances, and bigger payouts!
Bonus purchase slots are online slots that allow you to pay a fee in return for the game's major bonus feature. This is generally the round when you get free spins. Warning: If you have an active casino bonus, most casinos will not enable you to buy bonus rounds on slots.

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