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Learn How to Play Poker at the Best US Casinos

Often times when people think table games, their minds go straight to Poker! Here you can find the best casinos to play online poker in the US, as well as pick up some helpful strategic chips from our experts to increase your share of the pot.

Ocean Online Casino

Ocean Online Casino

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Review 18+ | Play Responsibly | | 21+, Only available to new players in PA, NJ, WV. Welcome offer = $25 no-deposit bonus, first deposit match up to $1,000 with a 15x bonus wagering requirement. Minimum $10 deposit. | Terms and conditions applies

What Are the Best Casinos to Play Live Poker in the US?

To win in online poker, you’ll need more than a good poker face; you’ll need to know where to find the best tables at the best online casinos. 

Online poker is by far the best game to play in the casino if you’re looking to avoid a built-in house edge. There is no house edge because in a poker room you’re playing against other players for their money.

We’ve put together our list of where to find the best bonuses at your favorite casinos to play your favorite game. 

Is Online Poker Legal in the US? 

Online poker is legal in any state that has legalized the activity and/or online casinos. Currently, those states include:

  • Delaware
  • Michigan
  • New Jersey
  • Nevada (online poker only)
  • Pennsylvania
  • West Virginia 

Nevada is unique in that online poker is legal to play in the state, but online casinos have not yet been fully legalized. 

Are Online Poker games rigged?

No, online poker games are not rigged. The games are all under the authorization of the state’s division of gaming who monitors and regulates all online casino games and activities. 

While online sites don’t use cards, so they can’t shuffle them, they do use a random number generator, or RNG software, to ensure that all outcomes are fair. 

What is Online Poker? 

Online poker is hugely popular in the U.S., but what has poker players so excited about it? The biggest advantages for online poker are:

  • Convenience 
  • Bonuses/Promos

Why Play Poker Online? 

 Online PokerPoker at Land-based Casino
Play from any locationX
Did you know? WSOP is an online casino that is tailor-made for poker players. They are the only active site in Nevada, have specialized promotions, and host regular tournaments. 

Live Dealer Poker 

Live dealer poker means that you are playing the game virtually with a live, human dealer rather than RNG software.

The game is filmed in a live studio in high definition, and the dealer can communicate with players just as if they were in a land-based casino. 

Live Dealer Poker vs RNG (Virtual) Poker 

Live dealer poker gives you the opportunity to play the game with a live, human dealer. RNG poker uses random number generator software to ensure all game outcomes are completely random. 

Studio Live (Dealer) Poker Tables 

Live dealer poker is for those that want the ultimate casino experience, but without the hassle of going to a land-based casino. 

You can find the best live dealer poker at:

Virtual Online Poker Games

People that prefer virtual RNG poker games do so because the gameplay is faster and generally the wagers are less. 

You can find the best virtual poker games at:

How to play Live Poker? 

In order to play live poker, you will need to be a registered user at a legal online casino. Once you are registered and verified, you should find a variation of the game that you are familiar with.

The rules of the games are the same, but if you have questions you can always ask the dealer; this is one of the biggest advantages of playing live dealer games.

Did you know? The most common live dealer poker game you will find in the US is three-card poker. This version tends to be easier than other versions for new players to pick up. 

Three important tips to know before playing Poker Online 

Millions of people worldwide play online Poker, and for a good reason: it’s a lot of fun. It can also be very lucrative for those who put in the time and effort needed.

Here are three essential tips to be familiar with before you start playing. 

1. Poker Hand Rankings

We will rank these from highest to lowest:

  • Royal Flush – Ace, King, Quen, Jack, 10-card; all of the same suit
  • Straight Flush – Any five cards in a continuous sequence of the same suit; example: 6 of hearts, 7 of hearts, 8 of hearts, 9 of hearts, 10 of hearts
  • Four of a Kind – All four cards of the same type
  • Full House – Three cards of the same type and two cards of the same type
  • Straight – Any five cards of a continuous sequence, but not suited
  • Three of a Kind 
  • Two Pair – Two sets of two cards of the same type
  • One pair
  • High Card – If nobody has anything, the person with the highest card wins

2. Table Positions

The small blind and big blind will be posted at the start of the hand. The big blind gets to decide the minimum bet for the game. 

3. Pre-Flop

Players are dealt their two cards for play. Based on their two cards dealt, players will then place wagers based on how strong they think their two cards are. 

4. The Flop

The dealer will then place the first three community cards face-up on the table. Players will then get to place more wagers, call, or fold. 

5. The Turn

The fourth community card is dealt by the dealer, and once again players may raise their wagers, call, or fold. 

6. The River

The fifth community card is dealt, and players reveal their hands. The player with the best hand wins. 

3. Poker betting systems and strategies 

Poker is more than luck; it takes skill and a good strategy. Here are some helpful strategies that might come in handy while you play. 

Starting hands 

Nothing is as sweet as starting off the round with a strong hand. Two of a kind will always be considered a strong starting hand. 

Value Betting 

When a player engages in value betting, it means they are raising the value of the pot because they believe they have a strong hand.

This encourages other players who also believe they have strong hands to call and make the pot larger. 


Bluffing is when you know you have a weak hand, but you play like you have a strong hand. For example, you would engage in value betting with hopes that other players would fold and surrender the pot. 

Playing style 

There are four playing styles in poker: 

Tight-passive – rarely bets, rarely raises
Tight-aggressive – often bets, often raises
Loose-passive – plays lots of starting hands, rarely bets/raises
Loose-aggressive – plays many hands, often bets/raises

Variants of the game 

There are many different variations of the game of poker, but here are some of the most common you’ll find at online casinos.

Texas Hold’Em 

Texas Hold’em is the most popular poker variation. You get 2 cards to start out with, and there will be a max of 3 community cards. 

You can also play live dealer Hold’em at Golden Nugget and 888 in New Jersey. 


With Omaha, you’re dealt 4 cards and there are 5 community cards. You have to make your best hand using 2 of your cards and three of the five community cards. 

Three Card Poker 

Three cards poker is a quick game that uses poker’s order of hands. 

First, you place your ante bet. The dealer and players are each dealt 3 cards.
Next, you decide if you want to fold or place your play bet. 

Order of winning hands: Straight Flush, Three-of-a-Kind, Straight, Flush, Pair, High Card.

You can play three card poker at Borgata and BetMGM. 

Did you know? The fastest and most convenient type of customer service is a 24/7 live chat. This will put you in touch with a live person that can assist you with step-by-step instructions almost immediately. 

How to improve your game 

Read our reviews

It is important to choose the right game at the right casino for any online casino game. You want to be sure to find online casinos that give great bonuses to poker players, as well as have the best poker tables around. 

WSOP and Pokerstars are great examples of online casinos that specialize in catering to poker players. 

Practice for free 

Many online casinos will allow you to practice any of their games, including poker, for free in Demo Mode. Please note that demo mode is only available for video poker and not live dealer poker. 

Try demo mode at these casinos to play for free today: 

Watch streamers to discover new tips 

Twitch is an online streaming service popular amongst gamers, and online poker players are no exception. The best twitch channels are those that are regularly active. 

Here’s a shortlist of Twitch online poker player streamers that you might want to check out:

Did you know? For streamers to find an audience on Twitch is actually extremely difficult to achieve. That’s why it’s best to find streamers that have large followings and post regularly

Play Online Poker on Mobile

The convenience of playing online poker has just been broadened with the addition of mobile devices. You can now play online poker anywhere from your tablet or phone whenever you want. 

Special features that help set mobile apps apart from other formats include:

  • Being able to chat with other players
  • Using Auto-bet to place wagers easier
  • Check/fold automatic commands while playing

Online casinos with great mobile apps include: 

Popular Live Poker Table providers

A few providers we recommend you play online poker with. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Online poker is legal in New Jersey, Nevada, Philadelphia, Delaware, Michigan, and West Virginia. Poker sites are partnered with a legal, land-based casino.
The biggest advantages of online poker are convenience and money. You can play online poker anytime, anywhere. Online poker sites also give you free welcome bonus dollars to get started with. That means you can play at no cost.
No. Online poker games are not rigged. The games are all under the authorization of the state's division of gaming. While online sites don't use cards, so they can't shuffle them, they do use a random number generator to make sure the dealing is fair.