The First Online Casino Game Show taking the US by storm!

Dream Catcher

Want to see how the game is played? Check out this short video from the game’s provider showcasing how easy it is to spin big wins! 

Online casino game shows have been hitting it big in Europe, so it’s no surprise that Evolution Gaming is taking one of their biggest hits, “Dream Catcher,” and bringing it across the pond to the US. 

This game takes all the elements you love from your favorite way to pass the time, online gaming, and combines it with everything you love about game shows: a live host, a big wheel, and the chance to win big prizes. 

Game Stats

Game NameDream Catcher
ProviderEvolution Gaming
RTP90.57% – 96.58%
Min Bet$0.10
Max Bet$5,000
Top Win $500,000

Where you can play Live Dream Catcher?

Dream Catcher is the most prominent online casino game show you will find in the US. 

You can find it at the following casinos:

Live Dream Catcher’s Mechanics

Dream Catcher is a spinning wheel of chance game where players bet on the outcome they think the wheel will land on. In that regard, it’s not too dissimilar to roulette, but with noticeable differences. 

The wheel has 54 colored segments, with 52 of those segments containing the numbers 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, or 40. The other two segments are a 2x multiplier and a 7x multiplier. 

The host is there to keep things moving quickly, but also keep things engaging. Evolution Gaming is known for its top-notch, professional live dealers/hosts. 

Dream Catcher

The gameplay is extremely simple:

  1. Players place their bets
  2. The host spins the wheel
  3. Payouts are made based on the bets and outcome of the wheel

Once a round is complete, another round may begin. 

OUR VERDICT: Live Dream Catcher is like Roulette, but BETTER!

Both games are spinning wheels of chance where players bet on the outcome of the game, but there are two notable examples that separate the game:

The multipliers add a level of excitement to the game that really allows the player to increase their winnings quickly. Plus, with no zero or double zero spaces, the house edge is also lower and favors the player

Then, there’s the host. The entire game is filmed in real time at a live studio with a live host who interacts with the players. That’s right! Players can talk to the host via text chat and the host will respond back. How cool is that? 

Live Dream Catcher’s Symbols & Payouts

Dream Catcher has a rainbow wheel featuring 54 colored segments, with 52 of those segments containing the numbers 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, or 40. The other two segments are a 2x multiplier and a 7x multiplier. 

Dream Catcher

The symbols/Wheel 

Each segment of the wheel has different odds and differing payouts. Refer to our table below to help make a smart bet. 


Number on WheelNumber of SegmentsPayoutHouse EdgeChance of Wheel Landing
1 (Yellow)231:14.66%42.59%
2 (Blue)152:14.49%27.77%
5 (Purple)75:18.76%12.96%
10 (Green)410:13.42%7.41%
20 (Orange)220:17.26%3.70%
40 (Red)140:19.19%1.85%
2x (Silver and Black)1Multiplies payout by 21.85%
7x (Gold and Black)1Multiplies payout by 71.85%

Min/Max Bet

Minimum and maximum bets differ based on the casino you play at. But, you can expect most minimums to be $0.10 and maximums can be up to $5,000. 

RTP, Volatility

The RTP of Dream Catcher varies between 90.57% – 96.58%. This is the theoretical Return to Player on their overall wagers as they play over a set period of time. 

The volatility of Dream Catcher is “low.” Volatility is how much risk there is to the player of losing. So if the volatility is low, there is generally a higher probability of the player winning. 

Jackpot and/or Maximum Win

While the game does have multipliers to build up the potential for winnings, it also does have a maximum payout. The maximum win a player can make playing Dream Catcher is $500,000

Our Verdict: Dream Catcher Favors the Player, but Bet Smart!

Games involving wheels of chance are always about betting smart. As a player, you want to bet more on the segments that have the highest probability of winning. Players have a higher probability of winning if they bet on a 1, 2, or 5

If you decide to bet on the spaces with lower probabilities of winning, the smart bet would be to wager a smaller amount and hope for some multipliers. 

Making these smart choices will allow you to build up consecutive small wins and continue having fun playing more rounds.  

Live Dream Catcher’s Graphics & Sound 

Evolution Gaming pulls no stops when it comes to the high quality of entertainment they produce. Dream Catcher is filmed in a live studio in real time in high definition. 

The developers have thought of every detail here to make gameplay the peak of enjoyment. 

Dream Catcher

Our Verdict: Dream Catcher Offers Players High Quality Gameplay

It’s really easy to take a lot of things for granted in online casino games: the visuals, the graphics, the music, etc. But when one is analyzing these details, you can tell the extra care that Evolution has put into Dream Catcher. 

The game is filmed in Hi-Def but also using multi-angle camera technology. This allows a seamless transition for cameras to switch back and forth between the host and the wheel. Players can also adjust the video quality on their devices as needed.

The biggest plus here is that Dream Catcher is mobile friendly for all platforms. This is a key feature we look at when reviewing games because providers should always consider convenience for players when creating games. There is nothing more convenient than being able to play your favorite game on your phone or tablet from any location. 

Our Final Verdict

Evolution Gaming is paving the way when it comes to bringing a new form of online casino gaming to players in the US.

The positives: 

The negatives: 

While there aren’t many online casino game shows released in the US yet, there are some exciting ones that Evolution Gaming has to offer; including Let’s Make a Deal and Monopoly Live. There’s no doubt that we continue to see the popularity of Dream Catcher climb, there will be more releases of games like this soon-to-come. 

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