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Capital Gains review

See What You Have to Gain With Capital Gains

In this review, we will be looking at one of AGS’s video slot games, Capital Gains. We will be covering the game’s RTP, volatility, bonus features, symbols, design, and payouts.

How I Tested Capital Gains

When we took a look at this online casino game to put together a Capital Words review, this is the criteria we followed:

Graphics and Sound: The design and sound in the gameplay a crucial role in keeping the player entertained and wanting to stick around for more.

Easy Navigation: When you’re playing a slot game, you want to ensure that the icons and features to the game are clear and straightforward.

Adjustable Bet Lines: It’s a considerate gesture for software providers to allow their games to have flexible bet lines to allow the player to adjust their lines according to their plans.

Bonus Features: The odds of winning the jackpot are slim and there’s no guarantee, so the bonus features in a game allow the player to play around and earn some great points to boost their balances and find rewards. 

Play Capital Gains With the Best Bonus

Finding the best bonuses around can be challenging considering the stiff competition that online casinos offer. The best way to choose wisely is to research and then decide on your own technique in order to find a bonus that will work for you.

This is a list of top operators where you can find out where to play Capital Gains:

Have a Game Plan and Decide on the Best Bonus for You

As mentioned above, players need to formulate a game plan of their own to find bonuses that can work for them. If you’re someone who’s keen on getting a massive boost to your deposit then 888 Casino and Golden Nugget Casino will work for you.

Other online casinos will give you a match bonus and free spins. It’s your choice.

Capital gains

Capital Gains Symbols and Payouts

It’s important for players to be aware of the ‘power’ of select symbols. Each character will carry a prize or reward of its own, and other characters will lead you to bonus features and bonus rounds to the game.

The Symbols

The WILD icon is the wild symbol of the game.

Capital gains wild

The gold vault is the scatter symbol.

The letters, cent/dollar, money bag, and gold coins are the decent-paying characters to the game, awarding players between 15X to 40X their stake.

The gold bars, diamond, and vault are the top players of the game, awarding players with between 70X to 1000X their stake.

Capital gains cash


J, Q, K, A3, 4, 55X, 10X, 15X
Cent/ dollar3, 4, 55X, 15X, 25X
Money bag3, 4, 510X, 20X, 35X
Gold coins3, 4, 510X, 20X, 40X
Banknotes3, 4, 515X, 30X, 60X
Gold Bars3, 4, 515X, 30X, 70X
Diamond3, 4, 520X, 50X, 100X
Vault3, 4, 5100X, 250X, 1000X

Minimum and Maximum Bet, and an Autoplay Function

The bet range for Capital Gains is between 0.50 (USD, GBP, EUR) and 50 (USD, GBP, EUR). The game also offers an autoplay function which can be fantastic for moments when a player wants to take a quick break from playing, while keeping the reels spinning.


The Capital Gains RTP score stands at 95.96%. It may seem like a fantastic score, but unfortunately, this score is slightly below average.


Capital Gains is set to have high volatility. This rate shows players that the time period between wins is slightly long. However, players need to know that the higher the volatility, the greater the chances of scoring bigger wins when you do score.

Jackpot And/or Maximum Wins

The maximum jackpot to this game is 2000X your stake. It isn’t the greatest around but it can be worthwhile to those who game as a hobby.

You Can Balance the Pros and Cons to Their Symbols and Payouts

With Capital Gains, it’s mixed emotions when it comes to choosing on whether or not the payouts are worth the experience. 

The game has a high volatility rate which means that you need to be pretty patient if you’re hoping to score something meaningful. The RTP score is slightly underwhelming so if you couple that with the high volatility, it may not be the most attractive if you’re looking for a high, fast payout.. 

However, when you consider character payouts, players can be more optimistic. Characters host great rewards and the minimum bet allows players to bet smoothly without worrying about major losses. Always remember to practice responsible gaming.

Game Features

Game features are a fun way to take the pressure away from the base game itself. They keep the game alive and it gives slot game designers a chance to show their creative side and offer unique bonuses.

Free Spins Bonus

At the beginning of this round, the player will initially be awarded additional wild symbols. If the player scores three or more vaults, they will receive either six, nine, 12, or 15 free spins.

Capital gains free

During this round, you will have to choose between two cash vaults. One will trigger additional bonuses while the other will activate the Money Charge Bonus. If you land three or more scatter symbols, you will retrigger free spins.

Money Charge Jackpots

This is Capital Gains’ progressive jackpot. If you land six or more green charge symbols, you will activate the Money Charge Bonus. This can also be done by landing three or more vaults during your base game. Initially, the player will receive three respins and extra green charge symbols which will award another three spins.

In the event of landing 15 green money charge symbols, one of four progressive jackpots will be activated.

These are Mini, Minor, Major, and Grand jackpots.

Capital Gains has gone all out in adding their own themed touch to their bonus features. 

These bonus features are fun, unique, exciting, and rewarding. Getting to the free spins and progressive jackpots is straightforward and easy to achieve with just needing to land a minimum of three characters to play in the bonus features.

Graphics and Sound

Graphics and sound set the tone for the player’s gaming experience. With slots, it’s important that the graphics and design used is of the highest quality because slots require a lot of detail.

This detail also needs to remain the exact same even if the player wishes to access the game on their mobile device.

Graphics:3D money-themed graphics
Optimized for mobile:Yes
Special features:

Great Graphics for a Simple Sound

Capital Gains has gone all out in ensuring that players are well aware of the theme to this slot and that’s money. They have used an excellent combination of colors and design, and the background allows their characters to stand out.

Even though the game may not have a soundtrack, it can be pleasant for the players who aren’t into busy slot games.

Solutions If You Have Some Issues With a Game

If you’re having a few issues with accessing your game, be sure to have checked out the following first before lodging a complaint:

When it comes to online casino games, you’ll need to ensure that your Flash and Java are constantly updated

If you receive a notification stating that your game has timed out, simply refresh the page and start again.

Ensure that both your desktop and mobile devices support HTML5 technology because this is the technology used in creating your online casino games.

It’s preferable to use WiFi when playing games and always make sure your connectivity is strong.

Should you still experience issues with your game even after going through these recommendations, feel free to visit the AGS website and reach out to their customer service channels for help?


If you’re a player who’s looking for a simple, fun money-themed slot to play around with, Capital Gains could work for you. 

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