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Dr. Reactive Mega Drop review

How I Tested Dr. Reactive Mega Drop

When you’re conducting a thorough slot review, there’s a lot to consider.

I always review the following aspects:

  1. Minimum and maximum bet sizes. The best slot games on the market cater to punters with varying bankrolls.
  2. Win potential. I like to recommend games that offer the opportunity to win your money back, plus extra.
  3. Graphics and audio. The visual and auditory experiences contribute a lot towards the overall game quality. Special features and bonus games. If a slot has perks, that counts in its favor.
  4. Symbols and paytable. The characters are one of the most significant aspects of the game, as their value determines potential winnings.
  5. Volatility and return to player (RTP) rate. No gambler wants to play a slot with a low return.
  6. Gameplay. A worthwhile slot must offer a smooth, crisp, and clear gaming experience.

Play Dr. Reactive Mega Drop With the Best Bonus

Bonuses and promotions are of utmost importance to many gamblers. They allow you to get more bang for your buck. Several online casinos offer this slot.

These are some of the popular options:

Try Party Casino for a Reactive Welcome Bonus

With this operator’s 100% up to $500 offer, you can play many slots. If Dr. Reactive is your latest fad, you can play a few good rounds with $500.

Dr. Reactive Mega Drop free falls

Dr. Reactive Mega Drop Symbols & Payouts

Let’s have a look at the RTP, volatility, and potential payouts of this slot.

The Symbols

Dr. Reactive Mega Drop features a host of symbols with a laboratory theme. The majority of the characters are different vials of chemicals. However, the game also features high-paying and special symbols that look like atoms and DNA strands.


Since the game has eight symbols, you probably expect a fair amount of variation in the values. You’re right: the most valuable symbol is the DNA strand, and green and purple vials are the least valuable characters.

Pay table Dr. Reactive Mega Drop

Min/Max Bet, Autoplay Option

This game offers options for punters with all kinds of bankrolls. You can wager as little as $0.20 or as much as $100. While it’s not a high-roller game, it meets the needs of most casual gamblers.


The Dr. Reactive Mega Drop RTP compares well with other slots in the genre. The game offers two different RTP rates: one for the base game and the other for mega drop jackpots. The RTP for the base game without a mega drop is 94.11%. With the mega drop, the return rate increases to 96.11%.


Dr. Reactive Mega Drop is a medium volatility slot. Games with medium volatility tend to have average-sized hits regularly.

Hit Frequency

While testing this game, I saw an average of one hit for every three spins. Considering its medium volatility, this game has a high hit frequency.

Jackpot And/or Maximum Win

This game is the mega drop version of an original SG Digital slot.

Mega drop is a variation of the traditional progressive jackpots, where the winnings are limited, and must dropt before it reaches a certain amount.

Dr. Reactive Mega Drop features a minor, major, and epic jackpot.

The minor jackpot tops out at $1,500, major peaks at $20,000, and epic drops by $200,000.

However, the game win tops out at $250,000. If you hit that mark, the game automatically ends.

Dr. Reactive Mega Drop Offers Brilliant Jackpots and Super Symbols

This slot has a decent RTP that pairs well with its medium volatility. The three mega drop jackpots are a fantastic attraction for any player.

Game Features

Dr. Reactive Mega Drop has plenty of enjoyable features. The free falls and reactions might especially appeal to you.

Wilds, Re-Spins, and Other Features

This game doesn’t feature any walking or stacked wilds. However, you’ll still enjoy the standard wilds and other features.


This game has a wild symbol, which looks like a “W” It can replace any other character on the board, except for the atom.

Once you use a wild, it will explode and disappear. If you don’t use it as part of a winning spin, the wild will hang around on the board until you do.

If the wild symbol replaces a lightning bolt or DNA symbol, it can’t trigger a reaction. However, it will still grant the standard win.


This game features a free spin feature, known as ‘free falls.’ However, it doesn’t host a re-spin function.


This slot features a multiplier as part of the wild symbols.

  1. In the base game, the wild symbols have multipliers of between 1x and 5x. During the free fall sessions, the multipliers are worth 2x, 4x, 6x, 8x, or 10x.
  2. If the wild multiplier symbol is part of a winning combination, it’ll multiply all the winning combinations by that amount. If multiple wild symbols are part of winning combinations, the multipliers will stack.
  3. The maximum stacking potential is 1,000x. During free falls, the multiplier sticks around after your spin. Every time it’s part of a winning combination, or there’s another free fall, the multiplier decreases by two. It’ll continue until the multiplier disappears.

Free Falls

The free falls are this game’s version of the traditional free spin concept. Every time you remove a set of characters from the board, it adds one point to your free falls meter.

  • The symbols cascade from above and fill spaces left by winning combinations.
  • If the result is another hit, the slot adds another point to the free falls meter.
  • The meter resets every time you spin, and you can only fill it with consecutive hits that result from cascades.
  • When you get six points on the free-fall meter, the game awards ten free spins.
  • If you manage to get seven or more points from a single spin, the slot gives you 15 free falls.
  • During the free spins, earning five or more points from cascades will provide you with another five free falls.
  • The free falls will end once you run out or have reached the maximum win.
  • Take note that multiple concurrent hits still only contribute one point to the free falls meter.
  • If you want numerous points, the hits must be consecutive and not simultaneous.


This slot features two unique reactions that serve to remove characters from the board.

The first is the lightning reaction, which occurs when an atom symbol lands next to a lightning bolt.

This reaction removes every instance of a low-paying symbol from the board. It can’t remove lightning, atom, DNA, or wild symbols. The second is the DNA reaction, which results from a DNA symbol next to an atom symbol.

This effect removes the characters from the column and row in which the DNA symbol is. All wild symbols will remain on the board. This reaction also instantly awards the player 1x their total bet.

Bonus Buy

This slot doesn’t give you the option to buy a bonus game because it doesn’t feature one.

This Game Has Several Spectacular Features

If you enjoy free spins and out-of-the-box functions, you’ll love this slot. The multiplier wilds add to the appeal of the game, as do the different reactions.

Dr. Reactive Mega Drop game play

Dr. Reactive Mega Drop Graphics & Sound

The imagery and audio of a slot contribute much toward overall quality.

If the audio is lacking, you may struggle to get into a zone.

Bad graphics will likely frustrate you too.

Let’s take a look at this slot’s offering.

Optimized for Mobile:👍
Special features:None

Plenty of Fun, but With Limited Features

It’s a delightful slot for people who don’t expect games loaded with features. The 2D graphics and techno music complement each other well. However, apart from the reactions, this game doesn’t host many unique features.

Solutions If You Have Some Issues With a Game

If this slot malfunctions during your game, all pays and plays for that spin are voided. You’ll get your stake back, but you won’t get the winnings.

Our Dr. Reactive Mega Drop review wasn’t dismayed by this slot. It has a lot to offer, despite the absence of a bonus game.

The maximum win of $250,000 is worthwhile for most bettors. Furthermore, the mega drop version of progressive jackpots improves your chances of winning.

This game’s theme permeates every aspect of the slot and creates an enjoyable playing experience. The audio and graphics complement the theme as well.

We’d recommend this game to anyone who enjoys new twists but doesn’t need many features to have fun.

Other Slots to Play If You Like Dr. Reactive Mega Drop Slot

If you like to play Dr. Reactive Mega Drop, there are many similar games you can try.

Scientific Games and WMS have been around for quite some time and have produced many different slots.

Some of the most famous examples include Raging Rhino, Black Knight, and Buffalo Spirit. Raging Rhino is an African-themed slot.

Black Knight has a medieval theme, and Buffalo Spirit is western nature-themed. If you like complex slots with many features, they may not be your favorite option. However, if you want standard slots with a few twists, these games are for you.

Dr. Reactive Mega Drop


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