Icy Wilds

Provider: IGT

Full review of Icy Wilds Slot | everything you need to know about this fantastic slot: bonuses, jackpots, payouts, symbols, and much more!

Icy Wilds

4 Number of rows
50 Minimum stake
50 Betlines
5 Wheels


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Icy Wilds

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Maximum profit (x your stake)


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Icy Wilds review

The Siren Song of the Ice Princess

From the frozen glaciers of the far north comes a bone-chilling game for the adventurous. Our Icy Wilds Slot review will explain the excitement of this arctic challenge. Discover why you should give this gem a spin.


How I tested Icy Wilds Slots

This review shows actual demo gameplay. Icy Wilds Slot is a visually stunning 3D slot that will freeze the blood of the unwary.

This demo game was played on Penny Slot Machines. For US players, they provide a great list of where to play Icy Wilds Slot.

The initial screen shows us where the relevant indicators and activators are. Let’s take a look at their positions.

On the top right-hand side, you have the Paytable, Game Rules, and Audio On buttons. On the bottom, you have the Paytable, Total Bet, Lines, and the Spin buttons. Both Paytable buttons will take you to the screens that show all of the potential payouts.

On this screen, note that the first and fourth reel are both covered with snowy owls. These will change to Wild reels on the next spin.

Here you can see the change. They have allowed for a decent payout with the indicated elements.

Now, the snow bears that occupy the third reel won’t change to Wild. The bears only will come into play when there are six across the board.

Ah, the Ice Princess has graced us with her presence. As you can see, I have a decent win here and am set up for Wild on the next spin, thanks to the snowy owls.

This took quite a few spins, but I hit a decent win here. Note the positioning of the rings.

And play will continue this way for as long as you have enough funds to cover the $1 per line bet.

Play Icy Wilds Slot with the best bonus

The list below contains sites that are available to US players that advertise the Icy Wilds Slot. These sites will have both the demo and pay versions of the game available:

The shiver you feel is that of the Icy Wilds Slot bonuses calling to you.

Where to play Icy Wilds Slot and receive the best bonus, you might ask? I have found that Caesars Casino offers a good initial bonus, and their RTP for this game is on the higher end. Caesars seems the most generous, while other casinos vie for the players’ attention with deposit and registration bonuses.

Icy Wilds Slot Symbols & Payouts

The Symbols

The symbols for Icy Wilds Slot are our heroine, the Ice Princess, a snow bear, a snow leopard, and a snowy owl. There’s also an ermine, the King, the Queen, the Jack, and the ten playing cards as well as the Ice Princess’ jewelry, locket, ring, and crown. Then, of course, there is the Wild symbol.



The screengrabs shown below show the five pages of the game’s paytable. As you can see, the many combinations can be quite rewarding. Note that the snow bear combinations are the only way to unlock Free Spins.


As we see, the rules and combinations are understandable and lucrative. Bear in mind that play on the screen is left to right. If a Wild reel lands on the last row to the right, there is nothing for it to play off of. With these instructions, you have a much better understanding of how to win at Icy Wilds Slot.

Min/Max Bet, Autoplay Option

Remember that play is across 50 lines. The minimum bet of $50 = $1 per playline. 

Minimum: $50

Maximum: $10,000

Auto Play: Icy Wilds Slot does not have an autoplay option.


First, a little lesson on RTP for the newcomers. RTP stands for return to player. This is the amount one could expect to win back over a calculated period of plays. The higher the percentage, the more of the original investment should be returned. 

Icy Wilds Slot’s one negative aspect is the variability of its RTP. Depending on the platform (casino), the RTP could be as low as 92.15%. The advice I would give is, check the RTP of the casino before play. This will negate any confusion as to why payouts are low.

RTP = 92.15% — 96.15%

paytable 3


Volatility is a calculation of odds on playing a winning spin/game. Low volatility, in general, indicates a low percentage of wins. High means more wins. 

Icy Wilds Slot is a medium volatility game. Attached is a graph of volatility ranges.

Hit Frequency

Hit frequency is a calculation of the number of times a player will win a particular game. 

With medium volatility, Icy Wilds Slot has a hit frequency of about 45-65%.

Jackpot and/or Maximum Win

Icy Wilds Slot offers excellent opportunities for the bold. The Ice Princess is a temptress. She yields her treasure to those with the fortitude to brave the bitter cold. Even with the mediocre RTP, this game is a great play. For the avaricious player, it may seem lacklustre but the more reserved player will find it challenging and fun.

Game Features

Wilds, Re-spins and Other Features

Next, we get to traverse across the Icy Wilds Slot kingdom to examine the features of this game. First, we’ll take an opportunity to explore the Wild reels that are available.


On this screengrab, you see the Wild reels on the 1st and 5th reel. Notice the snowy owls located on number 4. On the next spin, these will become a Wild reel. Any of the standard symbols that fill a reel will change to a Wild reel on the next spin.


Free spins on Icy Wilds Slot are an elusive game. For the free spin element to start, three reels of snow bears must appear simultaneously. Thus far, I have been evaded by this phenomenon. 


Icy Wilds Slot does not offer a game or play multiplier.

Bonus Buy

This game does not have a bonus buy option.

Icy Wilds Slot offers Free Spins. However, it does not have unique features.

The resplendence of this game cannot negate the cold fact that the Princess is heartless. She will accept only the most daring of players. The lack of bonus buys and multipliers, coupled with the torment of free spins, is daunting. Gird up your loins as you embark on this frozen thrill of a slot.  

Icy Wilds Slot Graphics & Sound

Optimized for Mobile👍
Special featuresThe winnings indicator moves higher as the winnings increase.

Icy Wilds Slot is elegant and well rendered in 3D graphics.

The production values of this game are outstanding. Unlike some other games on the market, the sound is well matched to the play, without lag. The graphic rendering is beautiful and calming. The animation is well done without being heavy-handed. All said this gem is a frozen jewel waiting to be discovered.  

Solutions if You Have Some Issues With a Game

Misuse or malfunction voids all plays and payouts

The platform (casino), not the provider (developer), handles payment-related issues. Technical issues with the game are the responsibility of the developer. Both sites provide contact listings for issues.

Some casinos place a cap on transactions. See the Terms and Conditions listed on the website.


Caesars Casino is a great platform. Its options for entertainment, its RTP, and its problem resolution services are excellent. For payouts and customer support, it’s a sensible choice of gaming establishments.

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Icy Wilds


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