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Olympus Strikes review

In this review, we’ll be looking at AGS’s video slot game, Olympus Strikes. Learn all there is to know about this slot game as we discuss subjects like the RTP, volatility, bonus rounds, bonus features, design, and mobile access of the game.

How We tested Olympus Strikes


Reviewers have a general list of steps and criteria that they use to test various features of a game, and with the Olympus Strikes review, we checked the following:

Age Restrictions – In an effort to support responsible gambling, most online casino games will ask that you confirm you are over the age of 21.

Recognized Provider – With highly reputable software providers, you can guarantee your gaming experience to be one of the best with top-quality graphics and a catchy sound. Graphics and Sound – Gaming can be quite a thrilling experience, and the use of high-quality graphics and sound helps to make the experience more enjoyable.

Bonus Features – Chances of players scoring the entire jackpot are slim, and bonus features are fun and rewarding additions to make the experience worthwhile.

Minimum and Maximum Bet – We assess what the bet ranges are and make recommendations to see if it’s worth the rewards gained from the game.

Easy Navigation – Slot games should be easy to move around on, and every icon should be straightforward and easy to understand.


Play Olympus Strikes With the Best Bonus

Online casino games use bonuses in order to attract new players and show them some gratitude to make their gaming experience worthwhile and to thank them for being customers.

Of course, online casinos that host games need to ensure that their bonuses are competitive because the competition is pretty stiff when it comes to bonuses.

Here is a list of five online casinos that players can find where to play Olympus Strikes:

Olympus Strikes Symbols and Payouts

Symbols are characters or icons that are presented in the game, and each symbol will offer a different pay-out depending on the number of symbols that the player has landed on the reels.

The Symbols

These are the symbols that make up Olympic Strikes: Lightning bulb – this is the wild symbol of the game, which is able to substitute for other symbols The letters, urn and wreath have rewards from 50X to 100X the stake The helmet, eagle, pegasus, and Zeus have rewards that pay 250X, 400X, 500X, and 1000X the stake, respectively.



Minimum and Maximum Bet, and Autoplay Option

The minimum bet in Olympus Strikes is 0.88, and the maximum bet is 176. The game also offers an autoplay option that players can use.


The Olympus Strikes RTP scored at 95.89%. This isn’t the best as there are online casino games that have scored percentages as high as 98%. This score is a little below average.


Olympus Strikes has a high volatility rate. This means that the wins that a player can achieve may be further apart. The advantage of this is that high volatility rates indicate bigger wins.

Jackpot and Maximum Win

Players stand a chance to win the maximum win of 800X the player’s total stake. There are good and bad feelings about the Olympus Strikes game features.

On the plus side, the game does have pretty decent rewards to their highest paying symbols, and the bet range is also manageable.

However, the game does have a high volatility that could balance the below-average RTP score.

Game Features

Game features are fun and exciting additions to games that add fuel to the fun. They can also be very rewarding.


Free Spins Bonus

The flaming torch triggers the free spins feature by landing 3 or more of them. With this bonus, players can choose between 3 different layouts.

They then can either pick more spins on smaller reels or fewer spins on larger reels.

Power XStream

The number of symbols that appear on the reel gets multiplied by the award. Each Power XStream combination pays the highest awards.

Jackpot Pick Bonus


This bonus is triggered by landing the wild symbol, where 12 objects will appear. The player will need to choose the objects that will reveal the Jackpot icons.

This will happen until the player scores 3 matching Jackpot icons. The player will receive the corresponding jackpot selected.

Olympus Strikes has unique and exciting bonus features

This online casino game has fantastic bonus features that are unique and exciting to look forward to. They offer great rewards which can boost your winnings and make the experience worthwhile.

Olympus Strikes Graphics and Sound

Graphics: 3D graphics in Greek Mythology
Optimized for mobile:Yes
Music:Simple stirring soundtrack
Special features:

Zeus is the centerpiece of Olympus Strikes.

The graphics used in the game are incredible with their life-like form and use of color. The game makes use of a very simple soundtrack which can go unnoticed.

The god Zeus also seems to make an entrance of his own, dominating the screen throughout the game. 

Solutions If You Have Some Issues With a Game

If you find yourself unable to play the game or struggling to make any progress, then be sure to check out these pointers:

Always check your device is online and ensure that your connectivity signal is strong and sufficient to carry you through the game.

Ensure that your device supports HTML5 technology and check that your Flash and Java are updated.

If you find a time-out notification on your screen after disappearing for a while, refresh the page, and the game will automatically restart.

If you find that none of the above suggestions work, reach out to the software provider, AGS, and contact them through their customer service channels which are available on their website.


Olympus Strikes is a fantastic game that offers unique features and rewarding payouts. They have various chances to increase their winnings through the incredible 243 paylines, which can be a huge advantage to players. 

Players have the opportunity to enjoy this game on the go through the game’s mobile version Depending on the online casino, players also may have access through their mobile browser or through a downloadable app.

Be sure to take advantage of every angle because this AGS project is undoubtedly worth your while.

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Olympus Strikes


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