What is RNG?

What does RNG mean? RNG stands for Random Number Generator, and this is the lifeblood of all online casino games. The random number generator determines the outcome of each spin, hand, or roll in online casino games. It is a software device, hardwired into the games to ensure the outcomes you are getting are as close to random as possible. Without RNGs, it would be impossible to successfully enjoy online casino games and verify their fairness.

Is RNG fair? 

Now that you have got the RNG meaning, it’s only natural to wonder, “is it fair?” Yes, RNGs are fair. If they were not, the house would always win and no player would visit their sites. Much like everything else online, it is not enough just to state the fairness of these systems without third-party verification. The online casino industry has many such organizations and we list the most recognizable ones below:

How does RNG work?

So, we have answered the question, what does RNG stand for and if it is safe. Now, let’s tackle how this technology works. RNG uses scientific algorithms to generate random numbers in slots and other online casino games. This algorithm is in perpetual motion meaning even if the game is not being played, random numbers are continuously being churned out. The numbers derived from random number generators correspond to specific outcomes in online casino rng games. Later in this guide, we will consider how different online casino games use RNG algorithms to ensure fairness.

Why do Casino games use RNG?

The entire online casino industry hinges on fairness. Players will not spend any of their hard-earned cash on games that are rigged. Online casino operators need to ensure that players at least have a fighting chance when playing online casino games. 

RNG game titles provide a verifiable way to ensure casinos are acting ethically and that luck can be rewarded. They give players the peace of mind and assurance that one day they can land on the lucky number and hopefully walk away with the cash.

Which casino games are based on RNG? 

All virtual online casino games use random number generators. These provide verifiable outcomes and ensure third parties can follow up and check if everything is up to scratch on rng gaming sites. Live casino games, on the other hand, do not use RNGs and the outcomes are purely random.

RNG Slots

RNG Blackjack

RNG Roulette

RNG Poker


After going through our detailed guide, we are confident you will come out with flying colors if someone asks you to define RNG. Random number generators are a key part of online casino gaming. They allow the industry to function by providing a way to check if participants are acting in good faith. Without random number generators, it would be impossible for players to trust that outcomes are not rigged.

Frequently Asked Questions

Although it is difficult, it's quite possible to rig a random number generator. You will likely encounter this on unregulated offshore sites that answer to no one but themselves.
You can't. The best plan is to just stay away from sites that potentially have such games. You can do this by sticking to regulated sites listed on usonlinecasino.com.
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