Mississippi Online Casinos

Are Mississippi Online Casinos Legal?

Mississippi is one of the most well-known casino states in America, but are they following states like New Jersey to legalize online casinos? In this article we look at the changes and what's legal.

Mississippi is home to a wide range of casino activities and has slowly introduced some functionality relating to online betting. However, it follows strict regulations that heavily revolve around the tribal casinos. In terms of regulating Mississippi online casinos, the movement remains relatively slow.  

Top Guide to Mississippi Online Casinos

Gambling regulations in Magnolia state are very strict

The Magnolia State might be one of the strictest on any form of internet betting but it features 30 popular land-based casinos. Of course, these land and riverboat casinos provide excellent tax revenue, making the state more reluctant to introduce online gambling.

While some modern betting activities, such as mobile sports betting, have become available, bettors must be physically at the casino. The slow move towards implementing iGaming shows that access to the best online casinos might be further away than expected.

Are Online Casinos Legal in Mississippi?

However, the FAQ page clearly states that online gambling is illegal under any license. It further explains that sites might advertise legal online casinos, but these do not apply to remote gambling in Mississippi.

There’s bound to be confusion among members with an interest in iGaming as the state law doesn’t specifically mention online casinos. Further research on the Mississippi Gaming Commission website might provide hope at first, as it once again doesn’t provide direct, easily accessible information regarding online casinos.

Mississippi Gaming Commission
The Mississippi Gaming Commission oversees all regulated gaming activity in the state

What is Legal and what is not when it comes to Casinos in Mississippi?

Following the commercial gambling success of New Jersey in the 70s, Mississippi became the third state to introduce commercial casinos. Since multiple neighboring states still don’t have casinos in their borders, the state saw an opportunity to attract national tourists and generate tax revenue. The state saw incredible growth, starting with riverboat casinos and later including land-based establishments, generating billions each year.

Today, Mississippi provides access to a wide range of commercial casinos, in-person sports betting, and a state lottery approved in 2019. No online gambling of any sort is yet legal in the state.

Sports Wagering

Sports betting is legal in Mississippi, but only at retail establishments. The Band of Choctaw Indians introduced the first form of sports betting at tribal casinos. In 2019, mobile sports betting apps were launched, allowing mobile betting, but users need to be on the casino’s premises to wager online. This includes access to the massive BetMGM betting platform, but once again, users need to be at Beau Rivage or Gold Strike to gain access to the betting section of their services.

Daily Fantasy Sports Betting

In 2016, the first rules were passed to allow fantasy sports betting in Mississippi. This provides access to some of the biggest legal sites, including FanDuel, Draftkings, and more. While the fantasy section of the site would be accessible in the state, casino games, sports betting, and other features remain disabled.

A Slow but Steady move toward Online Betting

While any forms of Mississippi online casinos remain unheard of, the fact that slow movements to the online market appear gives some hope. Sure, it doesn’t involve casino games directly, but fantasy and in-person sports betting are already a small step in the right direction. For now, there’s no indication of when online casinos will be accessible.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Online casinos are illegal in the state of Mississippi. However, online sportsbook such as DraftKings, FanDuel and BetMGM provide access to legal daily fantasy sports betting.
Since the state does not allow any form of online gambling, the only way to legally play slots and table games would be to visit one of their 30 land-based or riverboat casinos.
The state of Mississippi is home to 30 riverboat and land-based casinos. These are located on the Gulf Coast and along the Mississippi River.
BetMGM is partnered with the Gold Strike Casino Resort, allowing members to access daily fantasy sports from anywhere in Mississippi. To access their full sports betting platform, bettors must be at one of the BetMGM establishments. These are in Beau Rivage and Gold Strike.

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