July Reportedly Biggest Month for US Gambling

With a steady rise in the number of US individuals taking interest in gambling, both on and offline, US Commercial gaming, according to data published by the AGA, broke the $5 billion gambling threshold in July 2022.

A comparison between June and July this year shows that the numbers were significantly higher in July, with online casino and sports betting being up by 7.9% and 1.2%.

A wider comparison between July 2021 and July this year points to a total of $34.37 billion in commercial revenue — translating to a 15.5% climb.

Online gambling unaffected by inflation

Even though there has been a noticable increase in gas prices and interest rates across the US, these changes don’t seem to have any effect on the gambling industry in terms of revenue, as July numbers this year indicated a 41% increase compared to the same time the previous year.

On the other hand, as online gambling activity continues to increase, so does the intention behind gambling safety.

The AGA continues to address and deal with the many threats that offshore casinos or bookmarkers pose, many of these issues relating to the lack of proper anti-money laundering management, as well as the lack of prevention of underage gambling.

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