Virgin Casino Welcome Offer: 100% Cashback

Virgin Casino
Offer period January 1, 2014 - December 31, 2022

Here's why you need to sign up at Virgin Casino! Check out their Welcome Offer.

Virgin Casino

93 days remaining

Offer applies 1 Jan - 31 Dec

100% Cashback Up to $100
18+ | Play Responsibly | | | 21+, Only available to new players in NJ, first deposit total net loss bonus up to $100, min. deposit = $10, bonus expires after 7 days, min. withdrawal = $10, void where prohibited by law. | Terms and conditions applies

Offer details

Want to get back $100 in real cash back just by signing up? Virgin Casino has got your back. All you need to so is head over to their site and create your online casino account.

Just make sure you make a deposit of more than $10 and the casino will match your deposit! Read this next part super carefully:

  1. If their Net Loss exceeds 90% of their First Deposit at any time within seven (7) calendar days after placing the First Deposit and First Wager, the value of their First Deposit, up to a maximum of $100 in cash, or…
  2. If their Net Loss does not exceed 90% of their First Deposit after the conclusion of the seven (7) calendar days after placing the First Deposit and First Wager, the value of their Net Loss, up to a maximum of $100 in cash.

Players can benefit from this welcome offer all throughout this year, but that doesn’t mean you should wait. Who doesn’t want a $100 in cash in their hands?!

Remember that players need to be over the age of 21 and playing withing the state of New Jersey to be eligible for this welcome offer. Offer expires on December 31st 2022.

Virgin Casino Offer
Offer expires on December 31st 2022

Terms and Conditions

Here are some T&Cs you need to make sure you understand carefully before signing up!

  1. “Net loss” will be calculated according to the following formula: from the date of a patron’s registration, up to and including any time during the 7-day period, a patron’s net loss is equal to the patron’s total wager minus the patron’s total winnings. A net loss must be greater than $0.

    ”Total wager” is defined to include wagering of both cash and bonus money. “Total winnings” is defined to include all cash won by a patron from their wagering activity of cash and/or bonus money prior to and during the 7-day period, as well as any cash and/or bonus money credited to the patron’s account from any promotion or activity whatsoever prior to and during the 7-day period. The following are examples of calculating net loss, total winnings, and total wager:

    a) If a patron places a $10 first deposit and receives $5 in bonus money, wagers a total amount of $14.00 which includes $9 of the first deposit in cash and the $5 in bonus money, and such wagers do not receive any winnings prior to or during the 7-day period, a patron’s total wager, total winnings, and net loss would be calculated as follows:

    Total wager = $14 ($9 of the first deposit plus the $5 wagered in bonus money)Total winnings = $5 (the patron did not have any winnings derived from their wagering activity; however, they received $5 in bonus money)

    Net loss = $9.00 (total wager ($14) minus total winnings ($5), which is greater than $0, so the patron has a net loss).

We know this is a lot, so make sure you read it all, and very carefully. Head over to Virgin Casino to learn more!

Virgin Casino 93 days
93 Days remaining

Offer applies 1 jan - 31 dec

100% Cashback Up to $100