Play+ Casino: Is It Easy To Use?

There are multiple online casinos accepting Play+ that operate in the US. However, I still get many questions regarding its convenience. Rest assured, I’m here to answer all your inquiries and tell you why a Play+ Casino is a solid option.

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Pay your way at the best Play+ Casino

Practicality is an essential aspect of online casino payment methods, as you should be able to set up deposits and withdrawals quickly. The transaction speed is also crucial. Luckily, a Play+ casino has both.

I developed this Play+ review to explain how this payment works. You’ll learn how to get started at Play+ casino and how to deposit and withdraw using this method. I’ll also give a few reasons why casinos accepting Play+ are becoming so popular.

Top Five Play+ Casinos

Are you looking for a Play+ casino? Finding one can be difficult since there are so many online casinos. Here’s my list of the best Play+ casinos to help you get started. 

the list above simply highlights some of the options you have if you want to play at Play+ Casinos. For a more extensive assessment of your available options, visit our main casino reviews page.

How Does Play+ Work At Online Casinos?

Play+ was developed exclusively to be used for online gambling. It connects to an existing casino account, making deposits and withdrawals easier and allowing players to track their rewards. Every Play+ casino has an exclusive program for players using this method.

This payment method became popular when the first Play+ casino appeared in New Jersey in 2013. Nowadays, Play+ funds over 1.5 million casino accounts throughout the country, so you won’t have issues finding online casinos accepting Play+

Is Play+ Safe To Use?

Once you get started at a Play+ casino, you’ll see that it’s one of the safest payment methods you could use. In addition to encrypting your transactions so they can’t be accessed by anyone else, old and new Play+ casinos follow extensive data protection and privacy policies.

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Play+ secures players’ funds through the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC). This helps prevent fraud but also unauthorized use. Furthermore, you can use your card at various ATM locations and casinos accepting Play+, which avoids exposing your card information online.

Please visit a Play+ casino to learn more about how the payment method works. Take your time to read through the terms and conditions to know your rights as a player. As usual, I only recommend licensed and safe Play+ casinos

How Do You Use Play+ At Online Casinos?

Before you can deposit at online casinos accepting Play+, you’ll need to create an account for this payment method. Luckily, doing so is incredibly easy. Just follow these steps, and you’re good to go:

  1. Visit a Play+ casino of your choice.
  2. Go to the deposits page and click on Play+.
  3. Select the “Add New Account” option.
  4. Enter your details – name, email, address, and SSN.
  5. Agree to the terms and conditions.

You’ll receive your physical Play+ card after a few days. Meanwhile, you can use the online version to fund your Play+ casino account. 

Deposits and withdrawal fees for Play+

Using this method at a Play+ casino has virtually no fees. Funding your account or making deposits and withdrawals is entirely free. However, withdrawing funds from your Play+ card at an ATM costs $2 per transaction.

How to deposit and withdraw using Play+

After you’ve created a Play+ account, it’s time to fund it. Here’s how you can use this payment method to fund your account at a Play+ casino:

  1. Log into your Play+ casino account.
  2. Go to your profile and press “Deposit”.
  3. Select Play+ and click “Fund Account”.
  4. Choose a method to fund your Play+account – VISA, Mastercard, or eChecks.
  5. Enter your payment details and confirm the transaction amount.

Withdrawing from casinos accepting Play+ is also easy. Here’s how you should proceed:

  1. Log into your Play+ casino account.
  2. Head to your profile and select “Withdrawal”.
  3. Choose Play+ and enter the amount.
  4. Confirm the transaction.

Your funds should be immediately available on your Play+ card.

Benefits And Drawbacks Of Playing With Play+

Play+ is one of the US’s most popular payment methods for online casino fans. Here are the reasons why you should use this method at casinos accepting Play+:

Pros Cons
Widely accepted by US-licensed casinos.Every Play+ casino requires a different account.
Backed by a reputable banking institution.Withdrawing funds at an ATM has fees.
Can also be used at physical locations.
Deposits and withdrawals are processed instantly.
Compatible with bonuses and VIP programs.

Play+ vs other payment methods

play+ casino - popular payment methods
Popular casino payment methods

Using this method at a Play+ casino can be more beneficial than resorting to other traditional payment options. The main advantage is that Play+ benefits from exclusive VIP perks, and it’s integrated with the casino’s loyalty scheme. Additionally, it allows instant withdrawals. Check out the comparison in the table:

Instant Deposits
Instant Withdrawals
Can Be Used With Bonuses
Exclusive VIP Benefits
Low FeesDepends on the casino

Solving Issues With Play+ At Online Casinos

Even though it’s convenient and fast, you may occasionally run into issues using this method at a Play+ casino. Here’s how you can solve the most common problems:

  1. I can’t withdraw using my Play+ card.

Please check if you’ve transferred the funds from your casino account to your Play+ card.

  1. I can’t delete my Play+ account.

The casino’s customer service should be able to cancel your Play+ card at your request. Please get in touch to do so.

  1. I can’t add funds to my Play+ card.

Please verify you’re entering the correct details before trying again.

  1. I can’t create a Play+ card.

It could be that the casino doesn’t accept this payment method. If it does, please ensure you’re typing the correct account details.

Conclusion – What Makes Of Play+ One Of The Best Payment Methods?

Play+ makes online casino deposits and withdrawals easier than ever. The best part is that you can use your card to withdraw at thousands of ATM and casino receptions. Additionally, using this method at a Play+ casino is free. 

On the flip side, it has one main disadvantage. Unlike other options, such as Visa or MasterCard, Play+ accounts are tied to a single casino, so you’ll have to create a new account to use this method at another Play+ casino. It’s also worth noting that transactions have a $2 fee.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Funds in your Play+ are insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC). Additionally, it uses high-tech encryption to secure transactions.
Yes. Gambling commissions in multiple US states regulate online casinos accepting Play+.
ATM withdrawals using Play+ are subject to a $2 fee. This payment method has no other charges.
Yes. Players can claim casino bonuses at a Play+ casino. There are also exclusive offers and VIP programs for players using this method.
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