The Best Cashback bonus offers in the US.

There is a wide variety of cashback casino bonus offers available at different online casinos, and these can be tailored to other groups of players as well. Some of the top all-cashback casino deals for US players can be found below.

Casino NameOfferWagering requirement
1.bet365100% cash rebate on your losses of up to $25x1
2.Tropicana$100 Cash Back!x1
3.Virgin Online Casino$100 Cash Back!x1

What is a Cashback bonus?

Cashback casino bonuses are popular among US casino players because they allow them to recoup some of the money they spend on their favorite games.

Cashback Bonus
We review many casinos that have cash-back bonuses!

Cashbacks are given to players who place bets on a slot machine, a spin of the roulette wheel, or a hand of blackjack and lose.

Players can get a tiny percentage of their losses as a cashback incentive, usually between 10% and 30%, up to a certain amount.

Are Cashback bonuses legal in the US?

Yes, you are safe if you use a cashback bonus or any other incentive like a welcome bonus from a licensed and regulated online casino. These online casinos adhere to strict rules and regulations that guarantee that you will receive your cashback casino bonus in full and follow the offer’s terms and conditions.

Since these bonuses are an easy and successful method to reward new and loyal players, cashback casinos in the US are becoming increasingly popular.

How do cashback bonuses work?

Most cashback casinos in America apply these incentives to slots, although some online casinos apply these benefits to other games.

The casino gives back a percentage or a set total match when a player wagers money. There is a cap on the amount of cashback that may be earned, and the discounts are only available for a short period of time, such as daily or weekly.

Players who lose $100 on slots will receive $20 in payback, enough money to pay for another hour or two at the casino.

Bet356 has a great Risk Free Cashback Offer! 25$
Bet356 has a great Risk Free Cashback Offer!

There are no wagering limitations when it comes to casino cashback promos because they are designed to reward customers for their loyalty.

Can I win money with a cashback bonus?

A cashback bonus is a substantial incentive that allows you to win real money. Instead of playing with virtual money, you can wager or cash out your winnings, as long as you follow the rules.

Why take a Cashback bonus?

Those who regularly visit casinos appreciate the value of bonuses and other incentives. Bonuses allow you to play more games without fear of losing money. In the same way, casinos in the United States provide rebates. This program has several advantages, including:

PartyCasino cashback bonus
Real money bets earn you cash back at the following rates: Jackpot Slots = 0.50 Slots = 0.25 With PartyCasino

Cashback bonus vs. Other Bonuses

Recover lost moneyNo rechargeCash prizeWithdraw the money
Cashback bonus☑️☑️☑️☑️
Welcome bonusXXDependsDepends
Free SpinsX☑️☑️X
No wagering bonusXDepends☑️Depends

How to use the Cashback bonus?

Fair use and limits apply to cashback as a standard casino promotion. Make sure you understand the terminology and take the steps outlined in the following paragraphs to get the most out of it.

How to claim a cashback bonus?

Once you’ve identified a casino that gives a payback, the next step is to use it! To receive vengeance, follow the steps outlined below.

  1. After logging in to your account, go to the Bonuses and Promotions page.
  2. To be eligible, either click the incentive or opt-in.
  3. During the specified time frame, engage in the required casino games. Be sure to deposit and wager at least the necessary amounts.
  4. The casino will calculate your cashback at the end of the promotional period if you qualify for the overall losses.
  5. Your casino account is immediately credited with the cashback award. To activate the bonus in some casinos, you must first claim it.

When to use the Cashback bonus?

Cashback’s value can be increased by properly utilizing it. It’s essential to check the terms and conditions to learn when this benefit is active. Don’t forget to consider all the games you’ve played within this period.

Use the bonus during the campaign once you’ve earned it. As a result, you’ll be able to rack up a lot more cash and prizes!

How do withdraw win with a Cashback bonus?

You can play various games and earn money if you use a cashback offer. Earnings can be withdrawn at any time if you’ve saved enough. However, there are a few conditions that must be met beforehand. Before you can cash out the bonus, you must wager it a set number of times.

Types of Cashback bonuses:

Different casinos offer different cashback benefits. In the United States, these are some of the more prevalent ones.

Tropicana Cashback offer
Find out more about Tropicanas Games and offers!

No wagering cashback bonus

No-wagering-required cashback bonuses allow players to keep their bonus money without wagering it first. Fortunately, they don’t even have to play again or deposit more money to receive it.

Weekly cashback offers

It’s good to keep an eye out for weekly cashback deals at your favorite online casino in the United States. These are reoccurring cashback bonuses. However, the amounts are more minor. Using them as a means of saying thanks to regular patrons is a nice touch on the part of the casinos.

Daily/”Unlimited” cashback offers

Some may also offer daily cashback casino bonus offers depending on the online casino. Such promos are especially common at online casinos that have a lot of slot games.

VIP Cashback

High rollers and VIP members may be eligible for additional cashback benefits. Online casinos in the United States that provide VIP or loyalty programs have tiers based on the amount of money players spend. At higher levels, better cashback bonuses and higher cashback percentages will be given.

5 Important tips to know before claiming a Cashback bonus bonus

The cashback incentive isn’t available at every casino. Please make the most of the promotion by locating a reliable US casino offering it.

Even in small print, it’s essential to read the terms and conditions.
Always read the terms and conditions before signing up for a casino account. This section is divided into three subsections for ease of reference. It’s 30 days in this scenario.

There is a limit on how much you can win in a casino. Take a look at the candidates’ qualifications. The bonus does not apply to any other bets made with real money!

The wagering requirements should be checked.
When comparing bonuses, the wagering requirement is essential to keep in mind. To cash out, you must bet the prize (or even the deposit) a predetermined number of times. For the most outstanding value, check for offers with modest requirements that vary from once to 15 times.

Remember that actual money is always put to use before bonus money.
Most of the time, to receive a cashback bonus, gamers must first use their cash to play. When deciding how to spend your casino winnings, keep this in mind.

Keep an eye out for any restrictions based on the event’s location.
Aside from the wagering requirement, it’s also worth noting the regional restriction. For example, players from the state may not be able to take advantage of specific cashback incentives.

Verify the stake sizes
You may also have a maximum or minimum wager limit if you’re using a bonus at an online casino.

Solutions for common issues

There was no sign of the bonus.
If the bonus is not credited to your account, you need to check your eligibility. There is a possibility that you did not play the qualifying games or did not meet the minimum deposit or bet requirements for the promotion.

I’m unable to cash out my profits.
Before any bonus money can be withdrawn, players must meet a wagering requirement. It is essential that you strictly read the terms of service and follow the playthrough. Then you can ask the same question again.

The reward had vanished.
Validity periods are familiar with most cashback programs. There is a 30-day expiration date on a cashback program, for example. The casino has the authority to cancel it if you don’t utilize it within the time frame. You can file a complaint with Customer Support.

The casino withheld my gains.
Restrictions are in place for withdrawals. You must, for example, meet the withdrawal minimum and the playthrough requirement.

Find out if you have adhered to the rules by logging into your account. If the operator still refuses to pay out the winnings, you can register a complaint.


Many US casinos are beginning to offer cashback as a common perk. Because it helps you recover part of your losses, it’s a big deal. No deposit is required, and it’s a common promotion at a number of casinos. If you’re a regular at the casino, search for ones that give you money back for your losses.

Preferably one with fewer requirements, a longer period of validity, and a higher overall winning potential.

Your casinos will be cleared

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