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  1. The Best No-Wagering Bonus offers in the US
  2. What are no wagering requirements bonuses?
  3. Why take a No-Wagering Bonus?
  4. How to use a No-Wagering Bonus?
  5. Type of No-wagering Casino Bonuses
  6. Best Casino Sites with No-Wagering Requirements Free Spins
  7. 8 tips to enjoy your Casino Wager-free Bonuses
  8. Solutions for common issues
  9. Conclusion

The Best No wagering bonus offers in the US

Casino NameOfferWagering requirement
1.PokerStars CasinoMatch Bonus Up to $1,500 + Up to $1,000 in Slot BonusesNo wagering
2.PartyCasino100% Bonus up to $1,000 + 25 No Wager Free SpinsNo wagering

What are no wagering requirements bonuses?

Casinos that provide no wagering bonuses do not include wagering restrictions in their terms and conditions. As a result of the absence of wagering restrictions in their terms and conditions, they are referred to as ‘no wagering’ or ‘zero wagering’ bonuses. All profits from these incentives are immediately available to the player upon receipt.

Are no wagering bonuses legal in the US?

No wagering bonuses are safe and legal in the US. The greatest approach to profit from bonus offers is to withdraw profits without meeting the wagering requirement. You can benefit from the full amount of your winnings, and if you like, you can withdraw all of the money from your account at any moment. No wagering casinos are guaranteed to be safe. 

Online casinos with no wagering bonuses are legalized and regulated by authorities like the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board and the New Jersey Division of Enforcement. This ensures that players have the best possible chance at a great experience. 

How do No wagering requirement bonuses work?

No wagering bonuses work just like any other bonus you may come across while browsing through the promotions section of your online casino. The main difference is that you don’t need to wager any money to be able to opt into this one. 

Can I actually win money with a No wagering requirement bonus?

The most obvious advantage of casino bonuses with no wagering requirements is that winning real money is simple. Wins from the bonus account can be transferred to the main account and withdrawn or used to play real money casino games to boost their winnings.

Why do casinos offer this sort of bonus?

There are numerous types of incentives available in the world of casino promotions, but the most popular is, without a doubt, the no-deposit bonus. This is a separate form of bonus and is not, by definition, a wager-free bonus.

Always make sure that you are playing responsibly when using this bonus. If you want more information on how to do that, head to our Responsible Gambling page.

Why take a No wagering requirement bonus?

claiming a no-wagering bonus has many advantages

You’re probably wondering why you should take advantage of a no-wagering bonus if it comes your way. It’s just like any other bonus, right? No! Remember that a no-wagering bonus doesn’t require players to put forward any wagers to take advantage of the bonus. 

At the end of the day, it’s less of a risk, and THAT is why you should take it. 

No wagering requirement vs. Other Bonuses

No time commitmentEasy terms and conditions Cash prize
No wagering requirement 
Welcome bonusDependsDepends
No deposit bonusDepends Depends
Free Spins bonus Depends

How to use a No-wagering bonus?

Using a no-wagering bonus is super simple. All you need to do is make sure you have a casino account; the rest is explained below. 

How to claim No wagering bonus?

  1. Become a subscriber and opt-in
  2. Make an initial deposit.
  3. Profit from the bonus.
  4. Use the entire bonus.
  5. Make sure that you know how much money you have available for withdrawal.
  6. Your winnings are now available for withdrawal or to be kept in your casino account for future play.

How to withdraw wins with a No-wagering casino?

Make sure you head over to the terms and conditions of the bonus and look up the information about the withdrawal process. This includes withdrawal times and any wagering requirements you must meet before withdrawing your winnings. 

Types of no wagering casino bonuses

Not sure what type of no-wagering bonuses you may encounter while playing? Here’s what you should know.

Regarding the requirements Regarding the gamer’s behavior
No wagering Deposit BonusesNo wagering First-Deposit Bonuses 
No wagering free spins bonus 
No wagering Reload Bonus
Other types of wager-free bonuses
There are different types of no-wagering bonuses

No Wagering First-Deposit Bonus

These are uncommon, but you may encounter one or two with enough searching!

Because there are no wagering requirements, do not expect a sizable offer. This would take the shape of a little cash bonus upon deposit, which may also include a few free spins.

When you deposit, an online casino will immediately credit your account with wager-free bonus cash or free spins.

Bonuses and spins are frequently much smaller than those associated with high-wagering incentives. On the other hand, a no-wagering-requirement deposit incentive indicates exceptional value. Nothing is hidden; you only pay for what you see.

No Wagering Reload Bonus

Most casinos regularly give reload bonuses. Sometimes, but not always, it is offered every two or three days. Free money, spins, or chips come as a bonus. In addition, several sites are going so far as to give both options as a reload bonus. 

To withdraw the bonus money, however, you cannot just do so. There are no exceptions to the wagering requirements. Failing to meet them will result in forfeiture of the bonus. Before you apply for something, make sure to read the terms and conditions.

A reload bonus is a bonus that adds to the total amount of money in a player’s account on top of the money that was already deposited. To reward frequent gamers and novices, this form of incentive is utilized. This incentive requires wagering. But the requirements can’t always be as severe as other bonuses.

No Wagering Free Spins, the Bonus Crown jewel

Many of the no-wagering promotions that you will get will be free spins. Sometimes, these are called ‘no wagering’, ‘no-deposit free spins’, and ‘zero wagering free spins’. Either way, they have no wagering requirements.

Be aware that you’ll usually only get no-wagering free spins once you’ve deposited to the casino. Often, these will be part of a welcome offer, but they can also be integrated into other promotions like VIP schemes or daily perks.

Other types of wager-free bonuses

You can come across other types of wager-free bonuses when playing other casino games at your favorite online casino. Although they are super rare, you can come across them. They may be specific to certain table games like roulette or blackjack

Here are some types you may find:

No Wagering Bonus vs. Wagering Bonus

No wagering bonusWagering bonus
Pros1. Faster availability of your winning 
2. Immediate availability of the bonus
3. No deposit is required to enjoy it
4. You can enjoy the casino environment without losing money
1. Better Bonus Terms and Conditions
2. Offers with a Higher number of free spins 
3. Longer lifespan to use the Bonus 
4. No winning limits

Best Casino Sites with No Wagering Requirements Free Spins

At the moment, there aren’t many no wagering free spins bonuses available. The only one you can find is the one from PartyCasino where you can get 25 No Wager Free Spins.

We’ll add more bonuses to this section as more become available. 

8 tips to enjoy your Casino Wager-free Bonuses

Get the best from your no-wagering bonus

1. Read the Terms and Conditions – even the small letters!

I cannot stress the importance of reading the terms and conditions of your bonus. Although there are no wagering requirements for this type of bonus, there will be other requirements you need to be aware of. 

 2. No wagering doesn’t mean no conditions! 

Even though there is no wagering, there can still be some conditions when taking a wager-free bonus. For example, if they are distributed through some number of days, you can use them in one session.

3. Check how you can withdraw the winnings tied to a no-wagering bonus

Always check the minimum withdrawal because sometimes your winnings from the No wagering bonus cannot be enough to meet the minimum withdrawal limit.

4. No wagering bonus doesn’t mean free money!

You still have to place a deposit except for the No-deposit No wagering bonus.

5. Don’t forget that real funds are used before bonus funds

You’re using your money to play before getting anything back from the bonus. Don’t forget!

6. Look out for location restrictions

Every bonus will be limited to location restrictions. Depending on which online casino you’re playing at, you must ensure you’re playing within the state. If you’re in PA and the bonus is for a PA online casino, you can’t use that bonus at an online casino in NJ

7. Check bet sizes

Keep an eye out for those bet sizes. Online casinos may limit the bet size, so you can’t bet your desired amount. 

8. No wagering free spins can be limited

Always check the number of spins that no wagering bonus offers.

Solutions for common issues

1. The bonus didn’t arrive

Check the same account you used to deposit funds into your casino account. Your funds have probably gone straight to that account.

2. I can’t withdraw the winnings

You haven’t met the wagering requirement or any other requirements that the bonus highlights in the Terms and Conditions. Make sure you read through them again!

3. The bonus disappeared

If your bonus has disappeared, you may not have used it in time. Remember that these bonuses have a limited amount of time you can use them. The next time you have a bonus, use it sooner rather than later.


There you have it! Everything you need to know about No Wagering Bonuses in the US market. Make sure you keep referring to this guide to help you whenever you’re unsure about a no-wagering bonus you come across. 

Bookmark this page so it’s always handy! We’ll update this page whenever new bonuses and information come our way. 

Frequently Asked Questions

The term "wagering requirements" refers to the amount of times a player will have to play through their bonus funds in order to withdraw any winnings. Wagering requirements are found in the terms and conditions of the bonus.
A no wagering bonus is any casino bonus without wagering requirements attached.
A no wagering bonus is the fasted and easiest type of bonus to withdraw any winnings you score at your favorite online casino. The less strings attached, the faster your withdrawal.
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