Casino Dice Games Real Money vs Free online casino dice games

Dice games are not the most popular in online casinos in the USA and globally. However, they have a place in the hearts of many punters who enjoy the simplicity of such games.

All the variants of dice games are easily accessible and not as edgy as people may assume. Whether you want to play these games for free or for real money, we’ve put together everything you should know in the sections below.

What are online casino dice games?

Online casino dice games are casino games that are played with 6-sided dice at an online casino. Different variants of dice games include craps, hazard, and sic-bo.

Advantages of playing Online Casino Dice Games with real money

The pros of playing online casino dice games far outweigh the cons, as you’ll see below.



Advantages of playing Online Casino Dice Games for Free

free craps at the Golden Nugget
A free version of Craps on the Golden Nugget

If you’re not in the mood to risk any money, you can still enjoy dice games for free. Here is what you stand to gain with free play:



What Are the Best Online Casinos to play Dice Games in the US?

When looking for a casino to play dice games in the US, there are certain criteria to have in mind. The casino must feature multiple variants of dice games from respected providers. Also, the games should be mobile-friendly. 

List of top 5 Casinos to play dice in

  1. Borgata Casino
  2. 888 Casino
  3. Unibet Casino
  4. DraftKings Casino
  5. Party Casino

Are Online Casino Dice Games Safe to Play?

Regardless of what online casino game you choose to play, safety is crucial. In terms of safety, you’ll need to look out for a valid casino and also fairness. More on both factors in the following section.

Are Online Casino Dice Games Legal in the USA

The online gambling space is filled with both legal and illegal operators. The importance of a gambling license goes beyond granting casinos legal rights to operate. A valid gambling license also protects the rights of players at an online casino. 

While each state in the US is free to regulate gambling within its borders, there are some famous gambling licenses. Casinos can be regulated by authorities like the PGCB or NJDGE. Here, we only promote online casinos with valid gambling licenses.

Are Casino Dice Games Fair?

When it comes to fairness in dice games, the best casinos only feature games with trusted RNG. Some third-party testing firms help confirm that a game’s RNG is truly random. One of the companies that verify RNG fairness is iTech Labs.

Why Play Casino Dice Games Online

You may get a chance to play the best dice games with friends every once in a while at the casino, but what happens when you’re alone? If you ever feel the need to play a few rounds of dice games on the go, then casino dice games online are a worthwhile option.

Online dice gamesDice games in Landbased Casino
Play from your home
Variety of games

With gambling dice games online, you can play from home without needing to journey to the casino. Playing online also provides you with different game variants to choose from. Also, bonuses and promotional deals are always available to boost your bankroll and improve your winning chances.

Online Casino Dice games

Super Sic Bo by Evolution
Evolution’s Super Sic Bo

Some dice games are more famous than others, but these are the options you’ll most likely come across when you play online:


Craps is a fast-paced, high-stakes casino dice game that requires a good degree of dice control and bankroll management strategy. The dice are thrown at the craps table by one player, called the “shooter.” Each bet must be made prior to the shooter’s roll of the dice.

Sic Bo

Three dice are used in the dice game Sic Bo. It comes originally from China. The game’s primary objective is not all that dissimilar from other casino games. It entails placing bets on particular dice results.


A hazard game consists of placing wagers on a dice roll’s outcome, which is paid out based on a predetermined set of rules. The first player to wager in a given round is known as the shooter or caster. He makes the opening “Banco” wager, and everyone else called “faders” must bet against it.

Chuck A Luck

Chuck A Luck, or sweat-cloth, is a variant of the medieval dice game Grand Hazard. Bets are made using a layout labeled from one to six and three dice.


Klondike is a great five-dice casino game that has been around for quite some time. The players’ tokens are moved across a track per the dice roll results. Track squares on two opposite sides of the board stand in for prospecting fields.

Banka Francesca

In English, Banca Francesa means “French Bank.” Played with three dice on a specially designed table, this popular casino game hails from Portugal. The rules are quite similar to those of Baccarat and Punto Banco. The house has a substantial advantage.

Bitcoin dice

The player in the Bitcoin dice game selects a number between 1 and 100 and bets on whether the outcome of a dice roll will be higher or lower than the selected value. It really is that easy!


This is a game that uses three dice and may be played by any number of participants in a casino. It is played using three dice, bets, and a layout that is set up on a table. It is one of the rarest games on this casino dice game list.

Under And Over Seven

A long-running, straightforward casino game called Over/Under Seven allows participants to wager on whether the dice will land exactly seven or over/under each round. If you correctly predict seven and it comes up seven, you will receive a payment of double your wager or four times your wager.

Difference between Live Dice Games and Virtual Dice Games

Live Dice Games More fun due to the interaction with the dealersAvailability pending schedule (Depends on the game)
Interaction and play with other playersSlower games (you have to wait until all the players bet)
Virtual Dice Games Faster gameNo interaction with the dealer
More visually focused gamesNo interaction with other players
Possibility of mixed formats Some of them have old technology

Live Dice Games

live craps games in us online casinos

Live games with dice are famous because they allow players to play against real people in real time at an online casino. Some casinos feature live Sic Bo and Bitcoin Dice, two of the most popular live dice games.

Virtual Dice Games

Unlike live dice games, virtual dice games are more fast-paced and allow you to play against the computer for real money. Casinos may have Craps, Under/Over 7, and other virtual dice game options.

7 important tips to know before playing Dice Online

This section contains important tips to note before playing dice games. These tips apply to almost every dice game we’ve listed.

  1. Learn Basic Rules, Bets, and Payouts

Before you play, learn about the game’s rules, bets, and potential payout. Having the rules at your fingertips can help you avoid making common gameplay mistakes.

  1. Know all Dice Betting Strategies

Dice betting strategies are designed to help improve a player’s winning chances. However, note that dice games are mostly games of chance, so it’s best to be very selective when it comes to strategies.

  1. Plan your budget and your time

As with all casino games, there is always a chance to win or lose. Ensure to set a budget with money you can willingly risk losing.

  1. Read our game & casino reviews

It’s crucial to choose the best casino and tables before playing games. We create comparisons to help you make the best choices. 

  1. Practice for free

There is hardly a better way to learn a game than playing the demo versions. Some of the casinos where you can try out demo games include BetMGM and Golden Nugget casino.

  1. Watch streamers to discover new tips

Twitch is one of the best places to watch people show their skills in different games. Find popular dice twitch streamers and follow them. Make sure they are streaming from regulated sites.

  1. Learn the lingo

It goes without saying that learning the language of whatever online dice games you choose to play shows how knowledgeable you are. Different games have different terms, so it’s a smart idea to learn the terms associated with the games you love.

Ace deuceA roll of three
DownTo remove or reduce a bet
Any DoubleA bet on 2 dice having the same number in one throw
CageA small container for shaking dice
Die/ Dice FaceAny side of a die with a specific number
LayoutThe design, numbers, picture, or letters on a game board
LowA bet for 2 on a single row

How do Online Casino Dice Games work?

Online casino dice games are almost like the real-life version except for some technicalities. All casino dice games for real money run on a random number generator that determines the outcome of every dice throw. Also, the return to player (RTP) differs according to the games you choose to play. While all dice games are volatile, the level of volatility differs depending on the game you choose.

How are Dice games made?

Some of the best dice games online come from the studios of Evolution, Microgaming, and Playtech. 

Microgaming: Famous for its slot games and progressive jackpots

Playtech: Popular online slot provider 

Evolution: More famous for their live dealer software

Play dice games on your phone

Mobile gaming is more common now than ever before because of the convenience it affords players. Reasons to play dice games from your phone range from a chance to play for real money, claim bonuses, and easily access games on the go. 


There is much fun to be had playing casino games with dice. In fact, these kinds of online casino games are no different from their physical counterparts. As we’ve stated above, there are different kinds of dice games to play at online casinos. As such, you’ll find something that suits your preference. Still, it’s key to practice your selected games by playing demo versions. Read our reviews and comparison articles to learn about the best tables and casinos to play dice games online.

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