Where to Play the Best American Roulette Online?

American roulette is one of the many roulette games available in US casinos. Here are some of the best venues to play American Roulette online.

  1. Caesars Casino

Caesars Casino online is a serious, well-established online casino that offers you an amazing selection of games, including over 400 slots.

  1. BetMGM

BetMGM is one of the fastest-growing operations in America and has already expanded in multiple states. It offers a great selection of slots and many versions of casino games.

  1. Virgin Casino

Virgin Casino offers one of the best gaming experiences with conventional casino games and live dealer tables. It also offers 100% cashback in place of a first deposit bonus.

  1. Golden Nugget

Golden Nugget offers a massive selection of games with exciting welcome offers and standing promotions, giving players more opportunities to maximize their winning and online casino experience.

  1. Borgata Online

Borgata was among the first online casinos to launch in the US. It offers a comprehensive gaming experience, including online slots, live dealer games, and online poker.

Why Choose American Roulette?

A big plus is the betting options available. American Roulette offers players the chance to make five-number bets and offers more options to consider when creating their roulette betting strategy.

There are also some drawbacks when it comes to playing American Roulette. The unique features can make it fun to play but also expensive. It all comes down to the extra pocket on American Roulette wheels. 

American Roulette vs. other Roulette Variants 

The extra 00 pockets in American Roulette give players more betting options and reduce their chances of picking the correct bets. Let’s investigate how this affects the number of bets you can make, RTP, and the house edge in American Roulette when compared to other variants

American RouletteEuropean RouletteFrench Roulette
Layout(0-36+00)(0-36)  ( 0-36)
Bets1110  10
RTPAround 94.74%Around 97.30%  Around 97.30%
House Edge5.26%1.35% – 2.70%    1.35% – 2.70%

American roulette vs. European roulette

As we have stated earlier, the simple addition of a 00 pocket brings about the main differences between the American and other roulette game variants. The American Roulette wheel features the green numbers 0 and 00. European Roulette features only one green pocket as 0.

Main differences between American and French Roulette

Differences between American and French roulette
Effects of the 00 in American Roulette

The major difference between American and French roulette is the design and layout of the wheels. The American Roulette wheel layout has two zero pockets, while the French variant has only one.

The other difference is that the two have different layouts, meaning that the numbers are not located in the same positions.

How to Play American Roulette- Breakdown of a round

To successfully play American Roulette, you must first understand the rules, odds, and the type of bets available before placing your bets.

1. Master American Roulette wheel rules

To make money playing roulette, you must understand the basic principles of probability and statistics; this is where American Roulette practice comes into play. Top sites will allow you to play with nothing down for fun.

2. Fund your Balance

It seems quite obvious, but get some funds before playing! To do so, use your favorite payment method on the casino you want to play on.

3. The decision time: Place your bet

There are mainly two types of bets in American roulette. Limits vary, but generally, you can bet higher on the outside. Also, bets are placed slightly differently from other roulette variants, For instance, you can bet on a single number or a group of numbers such as (1-12 or 13-24).

Explore some strategies

There are dozens of American roulette strategies. Though they won’t give you a silver bullet on how to win in American roulette, they will provide a structure that, in conjunction with proper roulette money management, can increase your chances of winning.

4. The croupier will now spin the wheel

After every participant in an American roulette game finishes placing their bets on the table, the croupier spins the wheel and throws a small ball into it in an opposite direction. The wheel speed lessens, and the ball falls into one of the 38 pockets. 

5. American Roulette spin results and payouts

According to the rules, if the ball ended in one of the pockets, you placed your bets on your win! If not, you lose. Payouts depend on the bets you choose to play, the odds, and the roulette variant.

Master the Rules of American Roulette

American roulette rules are straightforward. The players are allowed to place either inside or outside bets. They are also allowed to place more than one bet at the start of the game. Once the ball settles in a particular pocket, the winning number is announced. Any bets that win as per the winning numbers are settled as per the pay table.

The objective

The main objective of mastering the rules is to predict the numbered pocket where the roulette ball will land.

Important terms you need to know.

Roulette is a fairly simple game, but there are dozens of different terms used in roulette that you may not find familiar. So, here is a glossary of roulette terms you will need to play the game.

American Roulette bets

The American roulette table betting layout features 2 distinct sections – one for individual wagers and the other for group bets. Inside bets allow you to wager on single numbers or small groups of related options, while the outside bets cater to a wider array of betting choices. 

American Roulette Table

From afar, you would struggle to find differences between the American and European roulette tables. But the double 00 and skewed arrangement of the American roulette numbers make for a very different set of inside and outside bets. 

American roulette table showing the 00
American Roulette Table with the 00

Inside Bets

Inside bets are bets that you place on the American roulette wheel numbers themselves. There are seven types of inside bets, as described and illustrated in the table below.

Bet NameBet DescriptionPayoutAmerican
Straight upSingle number bet 1-3635/15.25%
SplitWagering on a line between two numbers 17/15.26%
StreetWagering on 3 connected numbers11/15.26%
TrioWagering on 3 numbers connected by a corner 11/15.265%
CornerWagering on 4 numbers connected by a corner 8/15.26%
Double StreetA 6-number bet where you wager on two rows5/15.26%
BasketWagering on 0, 00, 1, 2, and 36/17.89%

Outside Bets

Outside bets are bets placed outside the number field. This bet is placed on large groups of American roulette wheel numbers or a single color. There are six types of outside bets, as illustrated in the table below.

Bet NameBet DescriptionPayoutAmerican
Even/OddWagering on the 18 even or odd numbers1/15.26%
Black/RedWagering on the 18 black or red numbers1/15.26%
High 18Wagering on numbers 19 through 361/15.26%
Low 18Betting on 1-181/15.26%
ColumnWagering on 12 non-sequential numbers in a column2/15.26%
DozensA wager on 12 sequential numbers in a row2/15.26%

Other types of bets in American Roulette

Other than the two most placed bets, there are more bets to place in this game.

Announced/Call Bets

This is when you call out a bet rather than place it on the table.

Final Bets

Here the bets are placed on numbers ending in a final digit.

Full Complete/Completed/Maximum Bet

Great for high rollers, this play puts all your inside bets and places them in one basket (number).

American Roulette Strategies

Although it is a game of chance, you can give yourself a better chance of winning if you follow an American Roulette wheel strategy when playing. The following strategies can help you increase your winning chances.

The Martingale American Roulette Wheel Strategy

This is the best-known strategy and the most featured in any guide about American roulette tricks. In this strategy, the players are supposed to stick to outside bets, which have a nearly 50% chance and double the stakes each time they lose.

Reverse Martingale American Roulette Wheel Strategy

Just as the name implies, the reverse Martingale strategy works the opposite way, as the player is required to increase the size of his stake only after winning bets.

Fibonacci American Roulette Wheel Strategy

Fibonacci strategy is a progressive betting strategy that uses sequences that are deemed to be evident. Generally, the way it works is you must increase the wagers as the game advances.

American Roulette Odds and Payouts

Before playing, ensure you fully understand American Roulette probability and payouts.

Bet typeBet ProbabilityReturn to Player
Square or corner10.53%94.74%
Five line13.16%94.74%
Six line15.79%94.74%

RTP in American Roulette

The American roulette wheel has an extra 00, effectively reducing the expected return-to-player percentage even further. Most variants will exhibit an RTP of around 94.74%.

Payouts in American Roulette

In American roulette, the total payout made to a player in a single round is equal to the sum of the payout of all his bets in that round. This means that you will receive the sum of your bet payouts when you place more than one wager and win.

House Edge in American Roulette

The American Roulette variant has 36 numbers and two zero pockets, giving it a total of 38 pockets. This table has a house edge of 5.26%, Thus giving American Roulette a higher house edge than other roulette variants.

Is American Roulette Worth a Try?

The American Roulette wheel style adds thrill and challenge with the double 0 pockets. The game also offers a higher house edge with an RTP greater than 94%. Having mastered everything you need to know before giving the game a try, our advice would be…

…just go ahead and play American roulette! But at the same time, keep an eye on your bankroll.

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