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Anubis Wild Megaways review

Can You Escape Unscathed With Anubis’s Riches? 

Anubis Wild Megaways is an Egyptian-themed slot brought to us by Inspired Entertainment. Big Time Gaming is the originator of the Megaways mechanic, which is now licensed out to other developers. Let’s take a look at what Anubis Wild Megaways has to offer for players. 


  • The Egyptian setting is a favorite among players
  • Players have the option to buy a set of 12 free spins if they wish
  • The gamble feature lets you possibly win additional free spins
  • The environment and symbols are all detailed 


  • RTP is below the average value of 96%

How I Tested Anubis Wild Megaways

Each time we get a game review, we start by playing it thoroughly. We want to play the game long enough that we can trigger all of the features and gain an understanding of how everything works. As a result, we can deliver a detailed, first-hand account of the game.

The first part of the review deals with the symbols, payouts, the betting range, RTP, volatility, and the max amount you can win. 

We then move onto the game mechanics. Here we also explain the bonus features, how they work and what needs to be done to activate them. 

The final section deals with the graphics and sound. In other words, we describe how the game looks and how well it plays on mobile. 

The review is rounded out with a final score, taking each section into account. 

Play Anubis Wild Megaways With the Best Bonus

Are you wondering where you can play the game? Below, you find a list of several casinos, along with their current bonus offer. 

You can find Anubis Wild Megaways at all the following online casinos: 

The best bonus is at SugarHouse

If you’re a new player, we recommend the welcome bonus available at SugarHouse. You’ll find a 100% match bonus up to $250 with 1x wagering requirements. These bonus funds can be used on any casino game and have the most value on online slots. 

Anubis Wild Megaways Symbols & Payouts

It’s time to get into the game and explore the symbols and other values. Below, you’ll learn what you can expect in terms of payouts, RTP, volatility, consistency, and more. 

The symbols

Anubis Wild is set in Egypt, so classic Egyptian icons are what you can expect to see. The four main symbols are the Eye of Horus, a Pharaoh’s mask, a woman looking like Cleopatra, and a gold scarab.

The lower paying symbols are the letters J, Q, K, A, and the numbers 9 & 10. Overall these are fairly common symbols we’ve seen in similar slots. The payouts can be seen below.



Min/max bet, autoplay option?

Anubis Wild Megaways lets you make a bet ranging from 20 cents to $20. You can play with a reasonably low amount, but it doesn’t go too high. There’s a standard autoplay feature, which also lets you set a loss limit beforehand. 


The RTP value is 95.9%. For comparison, an RTP of 96% is usually what we look for in slot games, and it’s considered an average value. The percentage here is slightly below. 


Anubis Wild Megaways has medium volatility. This means you should expect to get fairly consistent wins, but massive ones might be harder to come by. 

Hit frequency

The hit frequency is estimated to be around 35.67%. It means out of every three spins, at least one should have a winning payline. Hit frequency basically refers to how often you can expect to win. 

Jackpot and/or maximum win

The maximum prize in the game is $250,000. 

Anubis Wild Megaways values are all-around average

The good news is this is a fairly balanced game. With medium volatility, you’re liable to win consistently enough. Also, the RTP is around average, though on the lower end. It’s got a low minimum bet which means those looking for fun will enjoy it. 

Game Features

The game has many of the common features like wild symbols and free spins. There are also some other exciting mechanics, which we’ll explain more below. 

Wilds, Re-spins and Other Features

Like most games with the Megaways mechanic, Anubis Megaways has cascading reels. Each time you score a win, those symbols will disappear, and new ones will replace them. With this, you can get several wins off a single spin. 


The game has a mystery symbol, represented by a gold question mark. When these appear, they can turn into any paying symbol at random. This excludes wild and scatter symbols, of course. 


The wild symbol is Anubis himself. With his menacing look, Anubis is not something you’d usually want to see, but here he can bring great riches. A wild symbol can substitute for any other symbol where it helps to create a win. 


free spins

When it comes to re-spins, watch out for the bonus symbol, which is basically the scatter of this game. It’s a trio of pyramids, and you’ll see “bonus” written across the top. 

A minimum of three scatter symbols are needed to trigger 12 free spins. Each additional scatter will award you another two spins, with the maximum being 82. 

When you win free spins, you’ll be presented with a green that asks you to either proceed to the free spins or gamble them for more. It’s entirely up to players what they want to do. 


Multipliers can occur during the bonus rounds. When wilds appear, they go to the bottom of the screen and stay there. Each wild that stacks on top of another wild will create multipliers. 

Bonus buy

Players have the option to buy a set of 12 bonus spins for $100. You can select this option on the left side of the game screen where it says “bonus buy”. 

Anubis Wild Megaways offers various exciting features.

In addition to the standard bonus features, you’ll also find some lesser-used ones. For example, the option to further gamble your free spins isn’t often seen, but it does add another dimension of excitement and risk to the game. 

Anubis Wild Megaways Graphics & Sound

Optimized for Mobile👍 
MusicBackground music and side effects.
Special features

Anubis Wild Megaways offers satisfying graphics and sound.

Anubis Wild is a beautiful game overall. The setting appears to be some underground tomb. You can also see Egyptian drawings and torches on the wall. 

A lot of detail went into the symbols too. For example, the scatter symbols with the pyramids also feature trees and a sky. The paying symbols all have hieroglyphs on them as well. Inspired Entertainment went all out on the theme. 

There’s quiet, eerie music that plays in the background, fitting for the location. When you spin the reels, the music ramps up, which reminds us somewhat of what you would hear in those movies from the ’60s.

The game plays great on mobile devices as well. All you’ll need is an internet connection, and you can play it wherever you are. 

Solutions if You Have Some Issues With a Game

There are a few basic things you do yourself if you have trouble with any games. The first thing we recommend is trying to play the game for free in demo mode. With this, you can make sure the game works properly on your device. 

If a game is running slowly, it could be your internet connection that’s the problem. Also, try to use a reliable browser such as Google Chrome and make sure everything is up to date. Sometimes simply refreshing the page can solve a problem.


Anubis Wild Megaways is a newcomer into an already crowded genre. Despite this, the game was quite fun to play, and we thoroughly enjoyed it. Inspired seems to have put genuine effort into the game to make it as great as possible.

There’s a variety of mechanics and bonuses to make winning easier. The game also looks fabulous and detailed. The RTP could have been better, though. Still, a value of 95.9% isn’t too bad.

If you were looking for a new slot game to give a try, this one is worth considering. We’re not sure it will be a classic, but it’s a solid game overall. It gets a final score of 85/100. 

Other Slots to Play if you Like Anubis Wild Megaways Slot

Fans of the Egyptian theme have nothing to worry about. There are countless other recommendations we can give. 

The first on our list is Cleopatra from IGT. It’s widely regarded as a classic slot. The game is quite old, almost 20 years have passed since its release, but it remains popular. IGT has even released several newer versions which have upgraded visuals. 

Book of Dead is a newer slot that has captured players’ attention. It stars Rich Wilde, who seems to be loosely based on Indiana Jones. You’re exploring some Egyptian tombs and trying to find the treasure. The game features a detailed environment, and the symbols all look excellent. The game is rounded off with a great RTP value of 96.21%.  

Our last slot is Coins of Egypt which comes from NetEnt. Visually, it might be one of the most impressive games out there. It’s a pretty straightforward slot overall and can provide a lot of fun. Best of all, the RTP is a generous 96.97%.  

Anubis Wild Megaways


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