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Online casino jurisdictions sometimes limit the payment methods players can use. It’s no wonder players are often anxious when they can’t use popular methods. 

Luckily, Discover is both popular and convenient. As such, Discover credit and debit cards are accepted in legit US online casinos. I combed the internet and found several Discover casino sites. 

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Top Five Discover Casinos

There are vital aspects to consider when choosing an online casino. A broad game collection and easy Discover payments will help you break a tie. But attractive bonuses and frequent promotions will definitely guarantee first place.

Based on these aspects, I would recommend the following Discover casinos:

  1. Borgata Casino
  2. Golden Nugget Casino
  3. FanDuel
  4. 888 Casino
  5. Party Casino 

You can also see different casino rankings on this page. You’ll learn more about where you can play your favorite games online. 

Why does Discover Works in Casinos

In comparison with other cards, Discover entered the market a bit late. As card payments grew roots in the 1980s, the first Discover purchase was made in 1985.

By 1989, this payment method had signed up 1 million users. And in 2012, Discover partnered with PayPal for easier online transactions.

Casino operators and players enjoy the convenience of Discover cards alike. These cards eased payments to online casinos when they came about. As a result, you can quickly find new Discover casinos and established sites.

Is it Safe to Pay With my Discover at a Casino?

There’s no shortage of safe Discover casinos in the US to play your favorite games. And this payment method has great security measures for a smooth playing experience.

Discover has a zero liability measure. This means that it lets you cancel unauthorized payments and receive reimbursements. You can also make encrypted payments in online casinos.

With a Discover card, you can use the ‘Click to Pay‘ feature for online payments. It removes the need to enter your personal and banking information as you deposit.

For extra protection, Discover scans millions of risky websites. They will send you an alert if your card is vulnerable to fraud.

Discover casinos, have strong policies to verify a player’s identity. And you can also use secondary measures such as two-factor verification.

I recommended legit Discover casinos with excellent security features for this review. If you’d like to learn about other payment methods, visit this site.

How to Use Discover at Online Casinos?

Making a deposit to a Discover casino is no different from paying online merchants. The process is fast and will hardly interrupt your gaming sessions. Also, there are no hidden charges. 

Fees on Deposit and Withdrawals

Discover casinos don’t charge fees to fund your online casino account. 

To make a deposit, follow these steps:

  1. Register at your favorite online casino and log in to your account. 
  2. Click on the ‘Discover’ icon in the player’s profile under your player’s wallet.
  3. Enter your deposit amount and use the ‘Click to Pay‘ feature. You don’t have to type your details manually with this option. 

Start playing in just a few seconds!

Unfortunately, you can’t cash out your winnings at Discover casinos with your card. You’ll have to use other payment options. However, changes occur rapidly in the online gambling industry. Keep track of your casino regularly in case Discover withdrawals are accepted in the future.  

Pros & Cons Of Using Discover at Online Casinos

The advantages of playing in safe Discover casino sites are many. There are drawbacks, however.

Discover is safeNot available for withdrawals
Swift depositsDiscover is a less popular card
Great reward points programs 
Accepted for online casino bonuses

Discover vs Other Payment Methods

payment method logos

Discover casinos allow players a seamless online gambling experience. The question that lingers is whether Discover is better than other payment methods. Learn more with the table:

FeaturesDiscoverBank TransferPayPalMastercard
Bonus acceptance
Withdrawal acceptance 
Free deposits

Solutions To Common Discover Casino Issues

Most of the time, depositing to your player’s account with Discover is effortless. You can also fix challenges on rare occasions when you run into them quickly. Here are some easy fixes to common troubles.

Helpful Tips For Using Discover In Online Casinos

Some types of Discover cards will earn you reward points when you use them for online payments. Pick a card eligible for the rewards program to play on online casinos. The customer service desk can give you better information on this. 

Play With Discover

Discover is a hassle-free payment method, it’s fast and straightforward. This card also supports free and secure online payments. But, you’ll have to use a different method to take out your winnings. All in all, playing in the best Discover casinos is a worthwhile experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Online casinos such as Borgata, 888 Casino, Golden Nugget, Party Casino, and FanDuel are licensed casino sites that accept Discover payments.
There are no charges when you make online casino deposits with Discover.
Discover has great customer protection features such as contactless pay and zero liability. It also warns you if your card is vulnerable to fraud.
Unfortunately, you can’t use Discover for online casino withdrawals yet.
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