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In recent years, Skrill has become one of the most popular payment methods for online gambling transactions. This e-wallet service is available in over 40 currencies and 200 countries, including the USA. Check out this review and discover the best Skrill casino.

Skrill Casino – A Safe Way To Gamble?

Even though online casinos accepting Skrill have been around for several years, many players still ask me if using this deposit method is safe. The short answer is yes – playing at a Skrill casino is entirely safe. 

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However, I understand your concerns. Even though online gambling is safer than ever, multiple fraudulent casinos are still looking to steal your personal information.

Therefore, playing at safe operators like a Skrill casino is one of the best ways to secure your privacy.

These are the reasons why I developed an extensive Skrill review to guide you through the aspects that make it a safe and secure payment. 

Additionally, this review will help you get started by showing you all about the new Skrill casinos available on the market. Without further ado, let’s show you the best Skrill casinos.

Which Are The Best US Skrill Casinos?

Many reliable sites are available, yes. But I recommend these reputable online casinos accepting Skrill payments:

You can check out our casino reviews page if these options do not meet your needs.

Why Do Online Casinos Accept Skrill?

Skrill, previously named Moneybookers, is a digital wallet service created in the United Kingdom in 2001. Thanks to fast transactions with low fees and a high-security interface, it quickly made a name for itself. 

It’s not known what were the first casinos accepting Skrill. However, finding a Skrill casino became more accessible since the e-wallet was acquired by the Paysafe Group in 2015.

Is It Safe To Use Skrill At Online Casinos?

Playing at a Skrill casino is incredibly safe. The payment service relies on industry-standard encryption methods to secure transactions and prevent unauthorized access. 

Skrill is PCI DSS Compliant

Another detail contributing to safe Skrill casinos is that the payment method is regulated by governmental institutions and complies with PCI DDS for additional security.

But the best Skrill casinos offer more than safe payments. The casinos also follow strict policies to help ensure the privacy of their players, including the latest KYC and GDPR guidelines. 

You can learn more about these policies by visiting your casino’s legal information page. It’s also worth noting that I only recommend licensed and safe online casinos.

How Do You Use Skrill At An Online Casino?

There are a few things you should know before you get started at a Skrill casino. The following sections contain information regarding Skrill fees, deposits, and withdrawals. Have a look:

Deposit and withdrawal fees at Skrill Casinos

Most of the time, depositing or withdrawing from a Skrill casino has no fees. While they’re rare, some casinos accepting Skrill charge for deposits and withdrawals. I avoid recommending a Skrill casino that has fees, though.

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Deposit with Skrill and enjoy popular slots and table games

Please note you may find fees when using your Skrill account. For instance, withdrawing to a bank account has a fixed cost of $5.50. Applying for a prepaid card has a $10 annual fee. On the other hand, adding funds to your account has no fees.

How to deposit and withdraw funds using Skrill

Getting started at the best Skrill casinos is effortless. But before doing so, you’ll have to create an account. Follow my Skrill review guide for more details:

  1. Visit Skrill and create an account.
  2. Verify your details.
  3. Log into your favorite Skrill casino.
  4. Go to your player dashboard.
  5. Click “Deposit” and select Skrill.
  6. Enter the desired amount and type your details.
  7. Confirm the deposit.

Withdrawing from safe Skrill casinos is also straightforward. Here’s what you’ll need to do:

  1. Visit your Skrill casino dashboard.
  2. Click on “Withdrawal” and select Skrill
  3. Enter the withdrawal amount.
  4. Enter your account details.
  5. Confirm the withdrawal.

Pros And Cons Of Using Skrill At Online Casinos

Many players rely on Skrill when gambling online. See the table below for more details about the advantages and disadvantages of using this payment method at a Skrill casino:

Has a rewards program for regular users.Some casinos don’t allow players to claim bonuses with Skrill.
Skrill casino payments are encrypted.Withdrawing money to your bank account has a $5.50 fee.
Fast deposits and withdrawals.Requires verifying your ID details.
One of the most popular payment methods.Prepaid cards have a $10 annual fee.

Skrill vs. other payment methods

Using Skrill can be more beneficial than other payment methods. For instance, using this payment method to add money to your account at a Skrill casino can help you grab exclusive rewards. Additionally, Skrill lets you create a prepaid card for better security. See the complete comparison below:

Rewards Program
Prepaid Card
Instant Deposits
Instant Withdrawals

Solving Issues With Using Skrill At Online Casinos

Here are the most common issues you may find when playing at a Skrill casino:

  1. I can’t withdraw funds.

Please verify if Skrill is accepted as a withdrawal method and confirm if you’ve completed your bonus wagering requirements. 

  1. I can’t remove Skrill from my casino account.

Please wait a moment before trying again. If the problem persists, support may be able to remove the payment method manually.

  1. I can’t verify my Skrill account.

Skrill requires users to submit their ID and a photo. Please verify if the information is correct and up to date.

  1. I can’t change my Skrill account details.

You should try to remove Skrill from your online casino account and add it again.

Tips To Help You Getting Started With Skrill

Have a look at some helpful tips to help you get started at new Skrill casinos:

  1. Verify if Skrill is compatible with welcome bonuses and regular promotions.
  2. Check if Skrill is a supported withdrawal method.
  3. See if the minimum deposit and withdrawal amount for Skrill payments is suited to your playing style.

Conclusion – What Makes Skrill Better Than Other Payment Methods?

There are many reasons why Skrill is considered one of the best payment methods for gambling, even above popular options like MasterCard and Visa. The best Skrill casinos benefit from lightning-fast transactions, low fees, and encryption technologies designed to protect your hard-earned funds.

However, playing at a Skrill casino can have a few drawbacks. Due to concerns about claiming multiple bonuses, some online casinos don’t allow players that use Skrill to receive a welcome offer. Additionally, withdrawing from your Skrill account to your bank has a $5.50 fee, and using a prepaid card costs $10 annually. 

Nonetheless, casinos accepting Skrill are among the safest operators, which results in a better gambling experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

No. Skrill encrypts your details and doesn’t share them with anyone else.
No. Using this payment method to deposit at a Skrill casino doesn’t have fees.
Yes. Some licensed US casinos have started to accept Skrill payments.
Yes. Creating an account at Skrill is free. Please note that withdrawing to a bank account and issuing prepaid cards has fees, though.
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