Bank Transfer Casino – Is It Worth It?

Since bank transfers are known for being slower than other payment methods, many online enthusiasts ask me if they’re worth it. Your concerns are justified, as casinos accepting bank transfer can have a few drawbacks, mostly related to speed and privacy.

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Bank transfer casino – Your detailed guide

Many players also consider sharing your bank account number a security risk – fair enough. But the reality is that a bank transfer casino is probably the safest place to gamble online.

My bank transfer review will help you understand what makes it one of the safest payment methods for online gambling. I’ll also teach you how to get started at a bank transfer casino and show you the best bank transfers casinos in the US.

Five Best Bank Transfer Casinos

Without further ado, get ready to meet the best bank transfer casinos. Here is our selection of top online casinos in this category.

We have more expert-reviewed online casinos for you to check out. you can find these sites here.

Why Do Casinos Accept Bank Transfers?

There are several different types of bank transfers. Some are slow, some are fast, some have high fees, and others have no fees. However, they work similarly – by transferring funds between banks using high-security networks. 

Transfers can be sent through the ACH network or directly between banks. ACH transfers are the most common type of bank transfer. While they have lower fees, they can take up to three days before the money arrives in the other account. 

On the other hand, wire transfers only take one day to process but have higher fees.

Are Bank Transfer Casinos Safe To Use?

Bank transfers are among the safest payment methods you could use. Safe bank transfer casinos have multiple security measures designed to protect your money. Banks further add to the security of a bank transfer casino by encrypting transactions with high-tech protocols that help prevent fraud. 

It’s also worth noting that banks have specialized algorithms that analyze transactions to verify their legitimacy. If you think you’ve been a victim of fraud, you can open a case by contacting your bank, which may allow you to reverse transactions. This, partnered with the fact that the money in your bank is insured, makes a bank transfer casino so safe.

Consider checking your bank terms and conditions to learn more about bank transfers. Alternatively, you can visit a bank transfer casino. All the new bank transfer casinos presented on this page are safe and licensed.

How Do You Set Up A Bank Transfer At An Online Casino?

Depositing and withdrawing using this method at a bank transfer casino is easy. All you need is a bank account. See the sections below for more information about fees and setting up a deposit or a withdrawal.

Bank transfer deposit & withdrawal fees

Fees at online casinos accepting bank transfers vary according to speed. The faster the transaction, the higher the fees. Therefore, if you’re looking to pay the lowest fees, I recommend using slower methods, such as ACH transfers.

Either way, when you’re making a deposit or a withdrawal at a bank transfer casino, you’ll see a field stating the transaction fees. Please note that fees can vary across different casinos and banks.

How to deposit and withdraw via bank transfer

Before depositing at a bank transfer casino, I recommend having your bank details on hand. Then, follow the guide below:

  1. Log into your bank transfer casino account.
  2. Go to the deposits page and select “Bank Transfer”.
  3. Enter the required details and the deposit amount.
  4. Authorize the transfer through your bank’s two-factor authenticator.
  5. Confirm the deposit.

Withdrawing is also straightforward. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Log into your casino account.
  2. Go to your casino’s cashier and select “Bank Transfer”.
  3. Ensure your bank details are correct and enter the withdrawal amount.
  4. Confirm the withdrawal.

Please note that bank transfer casino deposits and withdrawals can take up to three days to be concluded.

Pros & Cons Of Using Bank Transfers

Even though they were one of the first casino payment methods, bank transfers are still incredibly popular. Discover why millions of online casino enthusiasts use them by checking the pros and cons in the table below:

Accepted by the majority of licensed casinos.Slower deposits and withdrawals.
Higher deposit and withdrawal limits.Requires sharing your bank account number.
Requires authorizing transactions via SMS or other measures.Some banks don’t accept casino deposits.
Has little to no fees.

Bank transfer vs other payment methods

The main advantage of a bank transfer casino is that it typically has higher limits for deposits and withdrawals. Since they’re more secure and directly connected to your bank account, online casinos accepting bank transfers usually increase players’ limits. See in which other ways I compared bank transfer to other payment methods with the table below:

FeaturesBank TransferMasterCardPayPalBitcoin
Two-Factor Authentication
Low FeesDepends
Higher Limits
Widely Accepted

Most Common Issues When Using Bank Transfers

Although rare, you may encounter problems when using a bank transfer casino. Check out the most common issues and how to solve them:

  1. I can’t withdraw via bank transfer.

It’s likely the bank transfer casino doesn’t accept this method for withdrawals. If you’re sure it does, please verify if you’ve completed the wagering requirements.

  1. I can’t remove my bank account from the casino.

Casinos may occasionally save your bank details for your convenience. Please get in touch with support if you’d like to remove those details from the site.

  1. I can’t deposit at a bank transfer casino.

Some casinos accepting bank transfer only allow using this method for withdrawals.

Tips Before You Get Started With Bank Transfers

Take your bank transfer casino experience to the next level with these top tips I have in store for you:

  1. You should always verify if the method can be used to claim bonuses at new bank transfer casinos.
  2. Please confirm the casino allows players to withdraw via bank transfer
  3. Look through the limits to see if they match your playing style and budget.

Conclusion – Is Bank Transfer Still a Popular Option?

There are a few reasons why a bank transfer casino is still the top choice for many US players. First, they’re highly secure. Secondly, they don’t require additional apps or subscribing to new payment methods like Skrill or Paypal. And last but not least, they’re simple to set up and use.

However, they also have a fair share of disadvantages. A bank transfer casino has slower deposits and withdrawals. Furthermore, some banks don’t allow customers to pay for online gambling using their accounts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Transactions are secure through state-of-the-art encryption methods, and your money is insured.
ACH transfers usually take up to three days to be processed. On the other hand, wire transfers are usually sent within 24 hours.
Can I get a casino bonus via bank transfer? Yes. Most online casinos accepting bank transfers allow players to claim a bonus with this payment method.
Yes. Most US-licensed casinos accept this method.
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